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The number of mobile games increases every year, they become more complex and interesting. Playing them on a tablet screen is more convenient than on a smartphone. That’s why gaming tablets are still popular. The best tablets for games in 2022 are presented in our rating.

How to choose a good game board?

Modern dynamic games impose special requirements on tablets, including the presence of a screen sensor with a fast response or RAM of at least 4 GB. But the most significant factor is the ability of the graphics accelerator to perform calculations at high speed. At the same time, many aspects depend on the optimization of a single game for a specific hardware platform. It is clear that there is no alternative for Apple devices, and in the camp of Android tablets with optimization, things are better for Snapdragon-based models with Adreno accelerators. It is no less obvious that flagship-class tablets are much more suitable for gamers than state employees. On the other hand, if you partially sacrifice the quality of drawing the game world, then even among relatively inexpensive tablets, there are several acceptable options.

Separately, we should focus on Huawei products. The lack of Google mobile services (GMS) for these tablets affects not only the inability to habitually go to the Play Market, select and install the required application in two clicks, and then automatically receive updates to it. For many popular games, the authorization process itself is already performed through a Google account. In addition, they use the appropriate services to save progress, geolocation, send push notifications, etc. The problem is that the developers of such toys must modify the software for Huawei branded services (HMS), and many of them are in no hurry in this regard. Absolutely working projects are available in AppGallery, but the range is not yet impressive. Everything else needs to be dealt with individually.

So, which tablets will most delight players in mid-2022?

Rating of the best gaming tablets of 2022

Best top-class gaming tablets

Apple iPad Air (2022)
The Apple model tops the rating of the best gaming tablets. Plus, the device has a powerful M1 chip. M1 systems on a chip (SoC) are also used in personal computers and laptops. The performance is enough to run any mobile games at the maximum graphics settings. Another advantage is the 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen with high brightness and excellent anti-glare properties.The tablet supports a proprietary trackpad and keyboard. The battery life when browsing the Web usually reaches 10 hours, games consume a charge in 4 hours. The iPad’s speakers deliver high-quality stereo sound, helping gamers respond quickly to game events.Main advantages:powerful processor;high-quality display;good sound;slim body.Minuses:The frame rate is only 60 Hz.
9.5 / 10RATING
Beautiful, elegant and fast tablet. I really liked it, the real disadvantages are even difficult to find.
Samsung Galaxy Tab S8
A flagship Android tablet that has all the advantages of an advanced gaming gadget. The top-end Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor with a powerful Adreno 730 graphics system is responsible for performance, allowing you to set maximum detail in any mobile game. The bright 11-inch screen with rich colors and an increased refresh rate of 120 Hz is also pleasing.The 8000 mAh battery can withstand up to 4-5 hours of gaming load. The model is compatible with microSD memory cards with a capacity of up to 1 TB. Connecting an external keyboard and DeX mode turns the device into a full-fledged laptop. A digital S Pen is included.Main advantages:excellent performance;120 Hz display;battery life;support for memory cards;loud sound;Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2.Minuses:quite heavy — 503 g.
9.4 / 10RATINGReviewsA good universal device. It responds instantly to touch and works for a long time. I was pleased with the sound — as many as four AKG speakers were installed.
Apple iPad Pro 11 (2020)
As a rule, professional iPads are positioned as an ideal tool for working with digital graphics. At the same time, the talents of Apple tablets allow us to consider them an attractive choice from the point of view of demanding gamers. This is especially true for the latest generation of iPad Pro, upgraded quite specifically. In particular, along with the Z index, the Apple A12 processor has acquired an additional graphics core, the tablet display is now able to update at a frequency of 120 Hz, and the RAM has been increased to a solid 6 GB already in the basic version. In addition, the time-of-flight scanner is useful not only for photo or business applications. The company already has enough toys with augmented reality elements, and in general, the Arcade branded service has more than a hundred game projects.Main advantages:the most powerful filling;high-speed display;4 speakers;LiDAR scanner;own game service.Minuses:cost.
9.3 / 10RATINGReviewsAutonomy pleases. YouTube, surfing, reading — claimed 10+ hours. In games, of course, less — just over 6 hours. So 120 Hertz battery is not much planted.
Lenovo Yoga Tab 13
Continues our rating of the best gaming tablets Lenovo Yoga Tab 13. The model attracts a large 13-inch display with good color reproduction. Such a screen makes the tablet a great option for watching movies or online broadcasts. But there is also a minus — the refresh rate is only 60 Hz. In addition, a large diagonal requires a capacious battery, and all together this increases the weight of the gadget.The powerful Snapdragon 870 processor handles almost any task. Yoga Tab supports the connection of gamepads, which saves gamers from difficulties with management — after all, it is quite difficult to grasp this tablet firmly with your hands. However, the controllers are not compatible with all games.Main advantages:high-quality screen;good performance;latest wireless standards;4 JBL loud speakers;strong body.Minuses:standard display frequency;high weight — 830 g.
8.8 / 10RATING
Everything is fine on the tablet: top-end processor, screen, sound. And the quality is better than that of other manufacturers. I advise everyone — you will definitely not regret it.

Best high-end gaming tablets

Apple iPad mini 2021
Not every user needs a tablet with a large screen. Especially for such people, Apple has released a compact iPad mini with an 8.3-inch display. At the same time, in terms of performance, it was possible to do without compromises — the model is equipped with the most powerful mobile chip A15 Bionic, found in representatives of the iPhone 13 line. Speed is enough both for games with high detail and for multitasking.The device weighs only slightly more than the average phone — 297 g. The tablet can be operated with one hand. The battery lasts for 13 hours in online video viewing mode. A 20W power adapter is included.Main advantages:excellent performance;low weight;convenient to operate with one hand;good autonomy;charging is included in the package.Minuses:The screen refresh rate is only 60 Hz.
9.4 / 10RATING
A decent model at a fairly modest price for Apple. It is best suited for those who are constantly on the road, as well as people who purposefully choose compact gadgets.
Apple iPad mini (2019)
If you play more often in the “field” conditions, the screen with a large diagonal from the advantage of the tablet turns into a disadvantage. On the other hand, for modern smartphones, even the most “shoveled” ones, the gameplay of some popular genres is also not the limit of dreams. In this sense, the iPad mini tablet with its almost 8-inch display has an almost optimal size, and its owners only have to regret the 4:3 format and the lack of an increased scan frequency. However, there are also reviews in which fans of the same PUBG Mobile, on the contrary, praise Apple for preserving the “office” screen proportions. They say that due to a smaller viewing angle, it is possible to respond faster to events. That’s exactly what the American company should be praised for, so it’s for 64 GB of internal memory in the younger version of the iPad mini (2019).Main advantages:compact size;high filling performance;acceptable amount of non-volatile memory;own game service.Minuses:screen aspect ratio 4: 3;the autonomy is not impressive;one-way speaker placement.
8.9 / 10RATING
The Pubg mobile game runs on the highest settings. The eye simply admires the game and the detail. It’s like I’m playing for the first time. Shadows, highlights, anti-aliasing, etc. are great. The sensor’s sensitivity is excellent.

Best mid-range gaming tablets

If you could install the missing Google mobile services on MatePad Pro yourself, if you needed to, then this version of the tablet from Huawei does not work for this version of the tablet to circumvent US sanctions. The only way (at the time of writing this review) to get a GMS here is to use an Android-based virtual machine. Anyone who has installed Windows at least once will understand that the effort and time spent are worth it. The tablet has a very decent stuffing, allowing you to play Asphalt and PUBG with 30 FPS with high-detail graphics.Please note that some projects are not optimized for Mali video accelerators. In particular, “tanchiki” for this MatePad will go without drawdowns only at low settings. Or at high levels, but with the shadows disabled. Another reason to prefer products of another brand is the modest range of games in AppGallery.Main advantages:decent gaming performance;4 speakers;the storage capacity is expanded with regular memory cards;there is a children’s mode.Minuses:there are no Google services and they are not installed directly;poor optimization of some games for Kirin 810;a lot of things will have to be installed from alternative sources;slow charging with the included adapter.
8.4 / 10RATING
I tried to install Google Services and everything related to them through a virtual machine. It was not so difficult, 15 minutes with a good Internet connection. I installed and downloaded everything I use on my tablet, as well as a couple of toys with a linked account.
Lenovo Tab P11 Plus
Not a bad choice if you need an Android tablet at a reasonable price. The Helio G90T processor from MediaTek is used here, which will give a smooth frame rate in almost any game, but you should not expect high detail. An important plus is 4 speakers with Dolby Atmos support. They output high-quality sound, which makes it possible to play without headphones.The bright 11-inch display with a resolution of 2000 × 1200 pixels works only at 60 Hz-a standard indicator for inexpensive gadgets. A capacious 7700 mAh battery can withstand more than 12 hours of video playback. The model is compatible with 20W charging.Main advantages:great sound;bright screen;long battery life;high build quality;almost a “clean” version of Android 11.Minuses:Screen frequency — 60 Hz;there is no headphone jack.
8.4 / 10RATING
The tablet can’t be called super-fast, but I’m not a very demanding gamer, so I’m happy.

Best Low-cost Gaming Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8
In the category of the best low-cost tablets for games, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 wins. The Unisoc Tiger T618 processor is responsible for the performance here, whose Mali-G52 MP2 graphics system can handle almost any game, but mainly at low or medium settings. There will be no strong heating in this case.The model has a 10.5-inch display with a modest TFT matrix, so you should not expect excellent color reproduction or wide viewing angles. Battery life reaches 10-12 hours, if you do not keep the tablet under maximum load. Charging takes place via the USB-C port, and a wired headphone jack is also available.Main advantages:doesn’t overheat in games;good autonomy;headphone jack;eye comfort mode;4 stereo speakers.Minuses:image quality.
8.4 / 10RATING
I’ve been using it for a month. Metal case, compact size, 4 speakers, 11th Android, fairly fast speed of operation. The only negative for me is that the screen “collects” the smallest prints.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020)
In descending order, the advantages of this tablet are arranged in the following order: autonomy, sound, filling performance, screen quality. With the first Galaxy Tab A7 10.4, everything is fine, if you do not take into account the duration of charging with a standard adapter. However, if you want, you can separately purchase a charger with support for the Quick Charge 3 protocol and reduce the time spent by half. Tablets from this price category are rarely equipped with four speakers, so the full immersion in the gameplay of a budget tablet from Samsung is clearly superior to competitors. For comfortable gaming with average graphics quality settings, the Snapdragon 662 (Adreno 610) chip is suitable. Another thing is that South Korean experts blocked the ability to install applications on a memory card, which is why gamers should better focus on older versions with 64 GB of built-in storage. Give preference to a tablet with an LTE module (SM-T505) or only with Wi-Fi (SM-T500) – decide for yourself. We’ll just note that for outdoor use, this device is bad because of the low maximum brightness. In addition, the screen of the Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 speed can also not be called.Main advantages:high autonomy;4 speakers;advanced children’s mode.Minuses:relatively slow and dim screen;you can’t transfer apps to the memory card;low-power complete power adapter.
8.3 / 10RATING
Call of Duty works at high settings without any sub-settings, although I wouldn’t say that these settings look like high settings. But in general, you can play.
Lenovo Tab M10 Plus (2020)
A good low-cost tablet for strategy, arcade or online games. It is better not to run more demanding projects on it, although some reviews say about 25-30 FPS with minimal graphics settings. From our point of view, the Tab M10 Plus TB-X606X may appeal to parents of young gamers, because the tablet’s user shell has advanced features for monitoring their activities.Unlike the Samsung model discussed earlier, the tablet from Lenovo allows you to combine a memory card with built-in storage, so the volume of the latter is not fundamental. The only thing is that the 32-gigabyte version is still not worth taking because of the reduced RAM. There are stereo speakers and it is difficult to block them with your palms. The maximum brightness for outdoor use is not designed, but the minimum allows you to play comfortably in complete darkness.Main advantages:advanced parental controls;put apps on the memory card;stereo speakers;connector for connecting a docking station;small minimum brightness.Minuses:modest performance;very low maximum brightness;It does not support fast charging modes.
7.5 / 10RATING
They write that the game does not pull — this is not true. Tanks and pabg go quite normally on average.

If the first tablet that comes across is quite suitable for some solitaire or puzzle game, then the same “tanchiki” will bring pleasure only on a sufficiently productive device. In our rating of the best gaming tablets, we tried to present all reasonable options for gaming models, and as always, you should choose. Happy shopping!



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