Top 10 Best Toasters 4 Slice Consumer Reports in 2019

The perfect breakfast is never complete without toast. There are myriad toasters in the market, and getting one that fits all your specs may seem an easy task until you look at the nuts and bolts that go into making a perfect toaster. Some of the things you need to consider while purchasing a toaster include durability, machine power, energy efficiency, the toasting cage, browning control, ease of washing, aesthetic appeal, and much more.

This review will seek into guiding you through the specs of some of the best performing toasters in the market. Here are the best toasters 4 slice consumer reports, any one of these toasters have revolutionary qualities that make them stand out as listed below.

1. Cuisinart Four Slice Compact Toaster

Cuisinart Four Slice Compact Toaster
Buy now from Amazon The Cuisinart toaster is a revolutionary four slice toaster with a stylish look. The design is compact and it comes with stainless steel durable material. It also has a seven setting shade dial for a variety of browning effects. Some of the turnkey controls include bagel defrost, reheat, and defrost. The toaster comes equipped with a slide out crumb tray and it has a one and a half inch wide toasting slots on all of the four slots available.
The toaster will look good whether you use it continually, or store it for a while.

2. Black And Decker Stainless Steel With Ombre Finish

Black And Decker Stainless Steel With Ombre Finish
Buy now from Amazon Black and Decker are known for their qualitative products. When it comes to four slice toasters, it is only natural to expect them on the list. With the extra wide slot toaster, some of the features you can expect include the Ombre modern design which comes in a great looking stainless steel design. It also has a shade selector where you can choose from either one of seven toast shades. The shade selector has a simple knob for anyone to operate easily. The slots on the toaster are extra wide according to market standards and can fit large artisan bread and bagels with little to no effort.

With this toaster, you will also find it easy to get your bread after you’re done toasting it. This is because of the extra lift functionality. Finally, a key component of the toaster is the self-centring guide that keeps the bread centred, thus keeping the bread in perfect toasting position.

3. KitchenAid Four Slice Toaster With Manual Lever

KitchenAid Four Slice Toaster With Manual Lever
Buy now from Amazon When you first look at this toaster, the first thing you’ll notice is the stylish contour silver colour. Above the aesthetic value, the toaster holds its weight among the greats. Some of the characteristics you’ll experience with this toaster include four extra wide slots. The toaster has one and a half inches that can easily incorporate thick bread, English muffins, bagels, and more.
The toasters also have a stylish and easy bagel and cancel buttons. Moreover, it is purely made from metal, thus assuring durability. It also has an under base storage cord, as well as a crumb tray that can be easily detached.

4. Keemo Four Slice Toaster

Keemo Four Slice Toaster
Buy now from Amazon This turnkey toaster is great if you are looking for an even and fast toast. Your bread will be levelly toasted on both sides, and as fast as four and a half minutes. It has seven levels of toasting that will give you options on to your perfect toast. The toaster has wide slots of 1.5 by 5.8 inches and can accommodate hamburger buns, bagels and wide pieces of pastry.

Beyond having a stylish look, the toaster is also safe to use around the home or commercially, and has been approved by the FDA. Some of the functions of key interest include reheating, cancelling, and defrosting options.

5. Hamilton Beach Toaster

Hamilton Beach Toaster
Buy now from Amazon One of the faults found in many four slice toasters is they are often too big to handle small slices. However, with the Hamilton toaster, you can toast either large pastry pieces naturally or smaller sizes of pastry with the aid of the high lift functionality.

The toaster is ideal for all sorts of pastries; it, however, shines when toasting bagels. It also has a shade selector which is easily adjustable to give you the perfect toast each time.

6. Dualit Chrome Toaster

Dualit Chrome Toaster
Buy now from Amazon The Dualit toaster comes with an adjustable rear roof, as well as a detachable crumb tray. You can also easily switch between the controls. The toaster has a ProHeat functionality that allows you to get the right kind of evenly browned toast, even when you do it back to back. The toaster’s body is insulated and you can toast small pastries with help of the high lift appliance.

7. Brevo Extra Wide Toaster

Brevo Extra Wide Toaster
Buy now from Amazon What stands out most about the Brevo toasters is the two separate and independently operated controls. Basically, you can prepare two sets of toast simultaneously and have absolutely different results. All four slots are one and a half inch wide and can perfectly toast thick bread and bagels. The toaster also has a versatile seven level shade selector, each having a different browning option. The crumb tray is also detachable for ease of cleaning.

8. Kenmore Dual Control Toaster

Kenmore Dual Control Toaster
Buy now from Amazon This is another toaster with two independent controls. Moreover, the two controls each have an innovatory nine switch setting. The toaster also has an electronic feature that allows it to automatically switch off. The exterior is made of stainless steel, thus making it easy to clean. Finally, the extra wide toaster has a bagel, cancel and defrost functions.

9. West Bend Quick Egg And Bagel Toaster

West Bend Quick Egg And Bagel Toaster
Buy now from Amazon If you love toasting your croissants, then this is the ideal toaster for you. It can also be used for toasting bread, bagels, and English muffins. Moreover, this West bend Toaster goes the extra mile by allowing you to heat your tomatoes, pineapple slices and even pre-cooked meat. You can also soft or hard boil up to eight eggs, scramble or poach up to two eggs at a time.

The crumb tray can slide out for easy cleaning. There is a cord storage area that is concealed for increased aesthetic value. And if you simply want to toast your bread, you can choose how dark or light you wish for it to toast. Above and beyond, the toaster has a stylish and state of the art design that comes in an attractive black colour.

10. Krups Breakfast Toaster

Krups Breakfast Toaster
Buy now from Amazon The Krups toaster has extra wide slots that centre the pastry for an even browning effect. It also has five key functionalities that include reheating, toasting, defrosting, bagel, and browning control with six levels.

The toaster also has an internal storage cord and comes with a unique and aesthetic design which is finished off with stainless steel chrome and blue LED indicating lights.


When buying a four slice toaster, there are truly a lot of factors that you need to consider. One thing that every buyer should always do before buying a toaster is to look at the various offerings that the toaster has as well as identify what they want in a toaster. You should also not feel shy to engage the sales representatives and ask all the exhaustive questions you have. It is in order to have the features you want beforehand, and just go to confirm what you want is what is available. Finally, you should also look at the warranty offered by the various products.

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