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Best Sewing Machine Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Sewing Machine Consumer Ratings & Reports

Today I’m going to share with you some sewing tips and tricks. Using my practical experience, you will be able to choose a machine for you and your needs, without making as many mistakes as I did in my time, and at the same time learn what 10 sewing machines are worthy of the title of the best.

What are the differences between sewing machines

Sewing equipment can be professional or household. The more different functions and settings in the machine, the more experienced user it is designed for. Most of such equipment has an electromechanical or electronic control. But there are computerized models, which can be operated via a PC. They are so “intelligent” that they can perform up to half a thousand different operations and require virtually no human intervention.

What to look for when choosing a sewing machine

When choosing a sewing machine, it is important to pay attention to its functionality, the types of fabric with which it can work, the types of stitches and options such as creating buttonholes, the presence of threading.

Type of control

According to the type of control, as we have already said, machines are divided into electromechanical, electronic and computer. The most inexpensive of them are electromechanical models. Their body, as a rule, is literally studded with various handles, levers and buttons. Such a machine is controlled manually and can do all standard operations. This is a great option for beginners or just for domestic use, when from time to time you need something to hem, stitch, process the edges.

Electronic and computer sewing machines are more functional. The former are controlled by a microprocessor that can itself switch between modes, adjust the speed and stroke of the needle. Computer models are controlled by built-in software. They can not only sew, but also do many other tricks: monograms, decorative borders, numbers. Such a technique gives a lot of opportunities, which only experienced craftswomen will be able to appreciate.

Type of shuttle

The hook is responsible for the quality of the stitch. Bad hook constantly tears the thread and misses stitches. Good – provides smooth operation of the machine and not fray the nerves of his mistress.

There are three types of shuttles:

  • oscillating;
  • vertical;
  • horizontal.

Economy class machines are equipped with a swinging shuttle. They are simple, durable, and have good thread control. Their main disadvantages are slow sewing speed, noise and vibrations that occur during operation.

The vertical shuttle works smoothly and provides a high sewing speed. Machines equipped with this type of hook will never break a thread or cause looping.

The horizontal hook is very fast and quiet in operation. It creates soft quality stitches and does not require regular lubrication. It is very easy to thread the bobbin, but it is made of plastic, so it wears out faster and can break from improper use.

Making a buttonhole

The buttonholes on sewing machines can be sewn in manual, automatic and semi-automatic mode. The automatic adjusts the length of each buttonhole by itself, switching back and forth as it moves, making all the necessary tack and transitions. Semi-automatic works almost the same way. Only it needs to be constantly monitored: manually switch tack modes, readjust in the opposite direction. Such machines may not seem very convenient, but they allow you to control the entire sewing process. This is a disproportionate plus for beginner needleworkers. In manual machines it is necessary to adjust absolutely everything: stitch length and width, stitches. This is the cheapest type of equipment. To perform a beautiful stitch on it, you need a good skill.

Embroidery unit

Sewing machines with an embroidery unit open up a lot of additional possibilities. They can embroider designs and text of different sizes and complexity. Many of them already have a ready-made set of schemes, but they can be supplemented with their own drawings, downloaded from the computer. Having such equipment, you can decorate any clothes and home textiles with decorative embroidery.

Additional options

Additional functionality makes any machine more convenient and comfortable to use. Built-in needle threader inserts a thread into the eye of the needle, saving you from having to do it manually. The blindstitch feature allows you to make the seam invisible from the front side. This stitch is often used on the bottom edge of fine fabrics. It is indispensable for minor and household repairs.

Answers to the most popular questions

What sewing machine to buy for a girl of 8 years?

Buy the simplest model, most importantly, that it has an automatic buttonhole function. Recommended brands: Brother, Jaguar, Janome.

What sewing machine to buy if you do not know how to sew, for household use?

Take any electromechanical model with a foot switch and a minimum set of features. If you often go somewhere, you can take a handheld and battery-operated machine.

What sewing machine to buy that does not break? And how many years will modern machines last?

To equipment does not break, buy it from proven manufacturers: Bernina, Brother, Janome. The actual lifespan of a sewing machine from these companies is 20 years.

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