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The best orthopedic chairs for 2021 Consumer Ratings & Reports

The best orthopedic chairs for 2021 Consumer Ratings & Reports

Sitting with minimal physical activity spares no one. This is especially true for people who are prone to musculoskeletal disorders. Orthopedic chairs can help users protect their spine and prevent the development of osteochondrosis and other troubles. The editors of the site “TheConsumerReportGuide” have prepared a rating of the best orthopedic chairs, this selection will allow you to unmistakably choose the right accessory, taking into account all the needs and personal preferences.

Types of chairs

Anatomical furniture can vary depending on the configuration and purpose of use. The right chair will help to minimize the load on the spine, depending on the type of activity of the user. Such furniture is divided into the following varieties:

  • Executive chair – as is clear from the name, such a model is designed for people who occupy high-ranking positions. The main distinguishing feature is a presentable appearance. The chair is equipped with a wide back, massive armrests, the material of manufacture – durable, represented by wood or metal. The seat is also comfortable and wide, made of leather. In addition, you can find ethical versions of eco leather.
  • Office chairs – standard models, designed for ordinary workers. Appearance does not stand out, there are no different adjustments, except for the height of the chair itself. But the model is characterized by low cost.
  • Gaming – gamers often spend a lot of time at the computer, for some it is not just a game, but also a way to make money. Therefore, gamers also need professional anatomical furniture. Such chairs allow you to control their height, the location of the armrests and the angle of inclination. To summarize, this type of chair allows you to fully adjust the parameters, adjusting them to the individual characteristics of the user.
  • Children’s – chairs do not differ much from the adult versions, except for the size of the equipment. Also among the whole range of the user will find a very bright colors.
  • For working at the laptop and computer – a very comfortable design, which is ideal for freelancers who work a lot from home. The model allows you to convert it to a lying position, adjust the required parameters, set the gadget on a special stand.

What you need it for

Anatomical furniture costs a bit more expensive than simple options, so many users wonder about the advisability of such a purchase. Below we describe the main advantages that orthopedic chairs have.

  • Reduces the likelihood of developing scoliosis and osteochondrosis. Since the back of the chair has an anatomical shape, the human spinal column is in the most comfortable and natural position. Especially the problem of scoliosis and other musculoskeletal system pathologies is relevant for schoolchildren.
  • Prevention of hernia development. This pathology often develops in the case of displacement of the spinal column due to a long forced position. The danger of hernias is that they disrupt blood circulation in the spinal cord area.
  • Prevention of flat feet is another children’s problem. Properly installed footrest will preserve the anatomical shape of the foot and reduce the load on the ankle.
  • Normalization of blood circulation – in the right position the central vessels cannot be crossed, so the organs and tissues are correctly and fully saturated with blood, nutrients and oxygen. First of all, improves the work of the brain.
  • Comfort – anatomical furniture has a high degree of comfort. The user can fully enjoy spending time in an orthopedic chair without problems such as stiff limbs, headaches, pain in the neck and muscle tension. It is not unusual that after a long day of work one feels the need to stretch, to stretch and it can cause “shivers” in the extremities. With ergonomic chairs you can forget about this problem forever.
  • Full parameter and angle control – orthopedic chairs allow you to change and adjust their position. Thus, the user will be able to adjust the furniture to their exceptional and individual needs.

Basic selection criteria

Once you have been able to decide on the type of chair you want, you can begin to choose the best option. First of all, we recommend that you be guided by your personal preferences, but there are still certain points that apply to all furniture. For example, a good anatomical chair must necessarily be equipped with adjustable height and back angle.

What else should you consider when buying ergonomic furniture?

Playful option.

Such models should be equipped with a headrest that will protect the muscles of the neck. Such products, although they have a slightly higher cost, but later the user will not have to pay money for painkillers.

Children’s chairs

Be sure to be equipped with a footrest in order to prevent flat feet, as mentioned earlier. In addition, the height of the backrest must necessarily be adjustable, as well as the seat itself.


Armrests and lumbar support are not always provided by the manufacturer, but their presence is desirable, especially if we are talking about a long sitting position. A chair combined with a laptop stand is not a bad option. The presence of wheels depends on personal needs, if you plan to move often in a narrow space, the wheels are a justified and necessary addition. If, however, moving the chair is not planned at all, the lack of wheels can be saved.

When buying a swivel and movable chair, it is worth specifying the presence of a clamp that secures the chair in a fixed position.

Not a bad option will be the presence of a lever, which allows you to throw back the chair, turning it into a kind of rocking chair. Such a variant is suitable for home use.


Each anatomical chair has mechanisms for adjusting the height, seat depth, and you can also change the armrests and headrest. Types of them are different, they affect only the cost of the product. Here are the main types of mechanisms:

  • Multi-block – allows you to adjust the angle of the backrest, most often the user is available five positions. Management is carried out by means of a button, also most often in such mechanisms there is a pneumatic elevator, which is responsible for the height of the chair.
  • Free-style – the furniture is able to adjust to the anatomical features of the back, so the spine is in a comfortable position, while available additional support for the spinal column. A big plus will be the ability to swing on the chair, thanks to the presence of a special spring and a screw.
  • Synchromechanism is a very convenient design. In this case, all elements of the chair interact with each other, adjusting to changes in parameters. For example, when you set the chair in a half-lying position, all other settings independently adjusted (height and seat depth).
  • T-Synchro is a convenient design that allows you to adjust several parameters at once, including the rocking mode. There is also a function “anti-shock”, its purpose is to smoothly change the height and tilt angle without jerks.
  • Slider is suitable for users with a large build. Chairs of this design will allow the most comfortable setting of the seat depth.
  • Permanent kontakt – such mechanisms are equipped with chairs that are intended for long-term and permanent use. In this case, the furniture is characterized by high durability, especially carefully designed the most vulnerable places: the back, seat upholstery, adjustment mechanisms.

Material of manufacture

If we talk about the material of the seat and backrest, it should be made of quality breathable raw materials. At the same time, the upholstery should be easy to clean, resistant to abrasion.

If we are talking about the crossbar, then in this case it is worth paying attention to the weight of the user:

  • up to 70 kg – any material will do, including plastic;
  • Up to 110 kg – the chair with a turnstile made of metal material;
  • 130 kg and more – the furniture made of cast aluminum will be the most reliable.

These were the main criteria for choosing orthopedic furniture.

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