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Best Mattresses Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Mattresses Consumer Ratings & Reports

Which mattress is better? Orthopedic doctors recommend choosing a mattress depending on weight, age, and health. But this is only one general recommendation. If waking up in the morning on the new bed is not associated with either pain or tension in the back – congratulations, you have most likely made the right choice of mattress. Do not neglect your personal preferences. Some people like spring products, and some prefer latex. Some people want to “sink” in soft, like a cloud, mattresses, while others feel better on hard mattresses filled with coir.

The assortment of mattresses in the large stores is huge. In order to avoid difficulties when choosing, even before going to the store it is worth to get the minimum knowledge about the types and the internal structure of the mattresses, and at least approximately determine the wishes.

The best mattress is expensive.

Is it possible to save money on a mattress? Sure, but it can mean saving on your health. Cheap mattresses are usually made using outdated technology and without taking into account the anatomical features of the spine, so after a few months of use they can cause back and muscle pain. In addition, budget products are usually short-lived, in a few years they will still have to be replaced. Good quality mattresses last for about five to ten years or more. They are made of high quality materials and provide excellent support for the spine during sleep.

What mattress is better to buy if the budget allows you to choose any model and there are no serious health problems? Without hesitation you can advise a high-quality orthopedic mattress with a natural jacquard mattress cover. Many people believe that orthopedic mattresses are needed only for those who suffer from various musculoskeletal diseases. Actually orthopedic mattress only provides the correct position of the spine, does not prevent normal blood circulation, and helps to rest well. Therefore, orthopedic mattresses are suitable for everyone – both healthy people and those who are worried about back pain. It can be said that almost all modern mattresses from reputable manufacturers are orthopedic regardless of their type.

Mattress with independent spring blocks

This is a new generation of spring mattresses, in which each spring is packed into a separate cover. The pressure on one spring does not affect the neighboring springs, so the load on the mattress is distributed evenly, allowing it to more accurately follow the contours of the human body. This is especially convenient if there are two people sleeping on the mattress as one does not disturb the other. The more springs in a mattress, the more comfortable it is. The standard indicator is 220-260 springs per square meter. Usually the top and bottom spring block is covered with a layer of coir, latex, polyurethane foam or other material.

Today, mattresses with independent spring blocks are some of the most popular. They are comfortable, have a long service life, do not lose their shape and come in various degrees of hardness: hard, medium-hard or soft. The approximate price is 15,000-20,000 rubles for a double mattress.

Latex mattress

The base for latex is the sap of the caoutchouc tree, the Hevea. Latex of high quality is an environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic material, durable and strong, resistant to deformation and free from unpleasant “chemical” smell. But most importantly – latex has amazing orthopedic properties.

The best latex mattresses provide the correct position of the spine during sleep, they are recommended for the prevention of osteochondrosis, as well as for people with spinal problems.

Mattress with “memory”

Mattresses with a memory effect are made from Memory Foam, a type of polyurethane foam. This material adopts the shape optimal for a person, following the contours of the body, and “remembers” it, ensuring the orthopedic effect. Memory Foam is a space technology: originally this material was used to create chairs for astronauts, but now it is widely used in the manufacture of mattresses. Such a product is suitable for people of any build, weight, and health condition. Quality mattresses prevent bedsores, help to eliminate rheumatic pains, improve blood microcirculation and prevent muscle tension. However, for some, this unique effect at the initial stage causes strange sensations, then it takes time to get used to it.

What are the best mattresses for children

For newborns and children under three years of age, pediatricians recommend buying a hard mattress with coir, which will ensure the correct position of the child’s spine during sleep. Coir is an eco-friendly material, practical and durable, it is air permeable and dries quickly. After the child is three years old, the mattress should be changed for a softer one, since the requirements for comfort are growing older. It is best to opt for a latex mattress of medium hardness. Spring options are also good, but you should consider that kids usually like to jump on the mattress, which reduces its life span.

A special waterproof mattress cover will also come in handy for a baby mattress – it will protect the expensive product from the effects of moisture and will eliminate the need for frequent cleaning.

The best mattress for an allergy sufferer

Natural fillings can cause allergies, although this happens very rarely. But if there are concerns, you should prefer a mattress with artificial filler. The simpler the design of such a mattress, the better.

A hypoallergenic mattress must be well ventilated so that it does not create a favorable environment for mold or microscopic saprophyte mites, the main allergy culprits.

For allergy sufferers a mattress made with Purotex® technology is the right choice. This is a patented technology of applying probiotics (beneficial bacteria) to the fabric. Microscopic capsules, applied by nanotechnology to the fibers of the fabric, contain special bacteria that clean the mattress from any allergens. Tests have proven that the bacteria destroy almost 90% of allergens. This effect lasts throughout the life of the mattress as the bacteria reproduce themselves.

The best mattress for people with spinal problems

If a person suffers from problems with the musculoskeletal system, the choice of a mattress should be approached with particular care and take into account the recommendations of the doctor.

With low back pain and herniated spine, you should give preference to soft and medium-hard models. Pain and discomfort in the upper spine and neck – reason to choose a hard mattress, well supporting the shoulders. With osteochondrosis or scoliosis, doctors often recommend a hard orthopedic mattress.

The right mattress does not cure the disease, but can contribute to a noticeable improvement of health, but the wrong product on the contrary, can negate the results of any therapy.

The general well-being depends directly on the quality of sleep. The wrong model of mattress can be the cause of discomfort, moreover, resting on such a mattress can aggravate the existing problems with the spine.

***All information relating to medicine and health is for information purposes only and is not intended as a reason for self-diagnosis or self-treatment.

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