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Best Laptops Under $500 Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Laptops Under $500 Consumer Ratings & Reports

Not ready to spend a lot of money on a laptop? You don’t have to – you can get a good laptop for about $500 that can handle all your basic tasks without any problems. Here are five excellent models.

You can buy a budget model laptop, capable only of surfing the Internet and watching videos. Or splurge on a gaming laptop, even though you don’t play AAA games. And about this, and on the other deed, probably have to regret it. But buying a mid-range notebook ($500) is usually justified. This is an excellent machine for every day, with a good battery life and a good screen. So, shall we look for decent models in the 2021 range?

Lenovo Ideapad 330s 15

Lenovo is famous for its budget gadgets. And Ideapad 330s 15 was no exception. Regardless of the modification, this device is designed for consumers who care about battery life. Here it is about 9 hours. You can not look for a place near a socket and without turning down the brightness of the screen, use the device in public transport.

The main advantage of this line is a huge number of modifications, thanks to which you can find a laptop with the characteristics that you need. Do you want SSD + HDD out of the box? Lenovo has one. Perhaps you want a preinstalled operating system? You can find that, too. Need a discrete graphics card to play light games? Get the model with AMD Radeon 540 on board. And that’s not the whole list of variations available on the market. At the moment there are more than 70. That is, you are guaranteed to find the specifications to suit you.

Perhaps some people won’t like the touchpad, which is shifted to the left, but that’s a matter of taste. Users also note that the screen is not the brightest and the side connectors are very tightly arranged. Therefore, if you often work on the street, it may be worth to look for another model. Accordingly, a lot of peripherals too will be poorly “friends” with this model, especially since there are only 3 usb ports. But all in all it is quite decent.

ASUS M570DD-E4065

Asus is traditionally focused on hardware and product quality. That’s why they get into our top laptops 2020 to 40 000 rubles. This model will suit fans of games, because here there is a GTX 1050 graphics card with 2 GB of video memory. It certainly won’t satisfy the demands of AAA projects, but it will do just fine for minimal settings at FullHD resolution. The more so that it has a fresh AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with 4 cores and 8 threads.

As a storage device there is 256 GB SSD and 1 terabyte HDD combo. All in all, a set that has already become a classic, which will not make you think about the long startup time of programs and operating system. And you will not feel a constant shortage of free space.

The device has 8 GB of RAM. This is enough for most games, but the reserve for the future is small. The matrix is IPS, the screen diagonal is 15,6 inches. In general, the golden mean. The laptop appeared on the market quite recently, and not many users had time to buy it, but we think that after some time this device will be a hit among users. After all, it has the same characteristics as many people’s favorite HP Pavilion Gaming 15-ec0003ur, but costs a little less. Of course, after a while the laptop will have its pitfalls, which at first glance are not visible, but we are sure that all the disadvantages are more than offset by its weighty advantages.

HP ProBook 430 G5

If you spend a lot of time every day at your laptop, and 10 hours of battery life is not enough, then pay attention to the model from HP, which acts as a direct competitor to the previous gadget. The HP ProBook 430 G5 has one of the highest battery life ratings. Theoretically it is as much as 17.5 hours. That is energy enough not only for a full working day, but also remain “for tomorrow”.

The diagonal here is slightly larger and is 13.3 inches. Because of this, the weight of the device also increased – 1.49 kg. But this is still very low indicators, so the notebook can be easily carried around. Depending on the modification, the 430 G5 line has two screen resolutions: 1366×768 and 1920×1080. To watch movies, of course, it is better to take the second option. But the price for FullHD will also be higher.

The stuffing also looks more interesting. Processor Intel Core i5 8250U, which has 4 cores and 8 threads. Thanks to this, everyday tasks of the CPU will snap like peanuts. Like the Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air, it has 4 GB of RAM, but the type of RAM is DDR4, which makes this laptop even more productive relative to the device from the Chinese company. However, not without disadvantages, too. Many users complain about the thick frames around the screen, but design is a subjective parameter. Much more discomfort you will get the low-frequency squeak of the throttles, which appears under heavy load. Nevertheless, the HP ProBook 430 G5 is a good choice.

DELL Inspiron 3781

With such a large diagonal in this price range, you can’t count on high-performance stuffing. The processor is an Intel Core i3 7020U, which has 2 cores and 4 threads. For 2020 it is weak, we agree, but the device with such characteristics is not taken for games. Therefore, the CPU features will be enough only for simple everyday tasks. Moreover, 4 Gbytes of RAM together with AMD Radeon 520 will not let you run demanding games.

DELL Inspiron 3781 – the famous budget line of laptops, which has a good performance battery life. The main plus of devices in this series is the price. Relative to competitors it is not high, but at the same time the gadget has a distinctive feature relative to competitors – the diagonal of 17.3 inches. This makes the device an excellent solution for watching movies. Especially since the notebook supports Full HD resolution and has an IPS matrix.

However, we think that the DELL Inspiron 3781 should be present in the ranking of laptops 201 to $500 because of the low cost. Competitors, of course, have alternative models with the same diagonal, matrix and resolution, but they tend to have a higher price tag.

Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air 12.5 2019

Beloved by many for its budget products, Xiaomi was able to make a good laptop. However, it’s worth realizing that they didn’t get into the gaming arena with Asus, but took a different path. In the Notebook Air line, the manufacturer relies on compactness and battery life. Here it is about 10 hours. That is, you can practically all day without recharging the device.

These figures are achieved through a very small screen, which has a diagonal of only 12.5 inches. However, the resolution is FullHD. So you can comfortably and watch movies. Especially since they used matrix IPS, which has large viewing angles.

Thanks to the very compact size of the device managed to achieve and some fantastic weight indicators. It is 1.07 kg. That is, the gadget can easily be carried around even in a small handbag. Of course, the cooling system is also very small. Therefore it is not necessary to think about the powerful stuffing. There is an Intel Core m3 8100Y processor and integrated graphics core Intel UHD Graphics 615. The RAM capacity is 4 GB. As a storage device, there is a 128 GB SSD.

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