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Best Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Fans Consumer Ratings & Reports

A fan is a great tool for regulating the temperature of your home in the heat. Many people mistakenly consider this device to be a relic of the past, not considering it a competitor to more modern devices for air cooling, such as air conditioners. Of course, air conditioners are more powerful devices, but given that they have a rather high cost, are not mobile, need constant technical checks, the benefit of the fan, in some cases, simply undeniable. The fan has many advantages. Of course, it is not perfect, it does not reduce the temperature in the room, and simply takes away heated air by blowing, but firmly entrenched in the market of climatic equipment. How to choose the best floor fan and do not miss, we will tell in our independent Top 5, but first we will start with a small portion of the theory.

How to choose the best fan

Floor fans and their structure

A floor fan is a construction consisting of three parts: the base, the bracket and the impeller. The base of the leg is made heavy to give the device stability. In many models, the height of the leg can be adjusted by positioning the ventilated part at the desired height. Parts are made of plastic, aluminum or chrome-plated metal. Devices with metal parts cost more, but in this case their price is justified by the quality, they are more durable.

Types of floor fans

The division is based on the principle of operation. Three groups are distinguished:

  • axial;
  • radial;
  • lobe fans.

Axial designs. This is the classic version, equipped with a drive axle, located horizontally. On the axis there is a multi-vane wheel. When you turn on the device due to the work of the electric motor, the blade comes into motion, thereby producing the overdrive of air masses. This type is distinguished by the comparative simplicity of design. The vane part is framed by a special protective device. Previously produced devices did not have a protective grid, which often failed, hitting the surrounding objects, or could cause injury. This type of device is able to instantly cool the area of application, but has a rather limited range of action.

Radial designs. Radial devices have a more complex and advanced mechanism. The device is equipped with a rotor with curved blades. The rotor is located in a vertical position. Its blades contribute to the movement of air masses, ejecting them back into the room. The air processed by this device is forced to disperse into the room.

Bladeless designs. Deserves special attention. This is a novelty of climatic equipment. The appearance of the device caused confusion among buyers. It surprised everyone with its appearance and functionality. At first, many doubted its capabilities. To dispel mistrust of the model, it is necessary to get acquainted with its structure and understand the basics of action. Bladeless fan is characterized by a pleasant design and the absence of moving parts. Externally it is a round-shaped metal frame mounted on a leg. The device is equipped with a motor. When you turn on the device, the motor takes in air and then pushes the air masses back with a powerful stream. The bladeless device, like any other device, has some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is a significant noise level in powerful models.

Additional features

In the view of many consumers, the fan is a simple and unpretentious device. But progress does not stand still, it has also affected the production of fans. To increase the demand for the proposed product, manufacturers have supplemented a fairly simple design with useful functions:

  • the possibility of remote control;
  • control over humidity and air purity;
  • independent switching on and off.

Remote control has simplified the process of controlling the device. With the remote control you can turn the unit on or change the set mode even from a distance.

The function of controlling air humidity is inherent in expensive fans. Many modern models are additionally equipped with special sensors that control air humidity. The sensor detects the moment when the air in the room becomes insufficiently humid and turns on the evaporator, which restores the necessary water balance.

Devices equipped with a presence detector start working as soon as you enter the room, and turn off when there is no one in the room. The function of additional control is not only convenient, but also saves energy, which is especially important, since some devices are energy-intensive.

Basic rules for selecting a fan

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing a fan – its power. It will refresh well only if the power to which it is endowed will correspond to the area of the air-conditioned room.

The second thing you should pay attention to – the level of noise produced by it. Here the regularity is fulfilled: the more powerful the device, the higher the noise level.

We advise to buy devices equipped with several blowing modes, that will give you the opportunity to choose the best option for cooling.

Top 5 best pedestal fans

Best budget fan


  • Horizontal rotation function. Quickly distributes the airflow in the room, creating comfort for everyone.
  • Illuminated control panel. The function makes it possible to quickly select the operating mode at night.
  • The choice of an optimum angle and height of a ventilated part creates additional convenience in operation.
  • Wide blades make the unit almost silent.

The best fan with 3D rotation


  • The axis of rotation is 90 degrees, which provides effective and comfortable ventilation.
  • Complete safety in use. Touching the safety guard brings the unit to a stop.
  • Automatic switching on and off of air cleaning.
  • Availability of timer and possibility of remote control.
  • Presence of three speed modes.
  • Additional mode “breeze” – gives the impression of a light breeze.
  • Remote control option.

The best timed fan


  • Three rotation speeds.
  • Optional “night” mode – makes the fan almost silent at night.
  • Additional mode “breeze” – gives the impression of a light breeze.
  • Easy to change the height and angle of the ventilated part.
  • The presence of a timer allows you to turn on the device even when you are sleeping.
  • The possibility of remote control.
  • The presence of the protective grid eliminates the possibility of injury.
  • Stylish design

The best fan with remote control


  • The angle of inclination of the vented part is 30 degrees.
  • The night mode is almost silent. Allows even children to sleep peacefully.
  • Built-in timer, allows you to turn off the device in time, which saves power consumption.
  • The function of alternate change of rotation and rotation speed in the horizontal plane, and as a consequence, the even distribution of air flows in the room.
  • Three basic control speeds.
  • Remote control.
  • Protective grille.

The best fan with touch control


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Has a stylish appearance. Its design is acceptable in any style of room.
  • Four control speeds.
  • Protective grilles eliminate the possibility of injury.
  • Remote control is possible.
  • Supports the “Breeze” function. Simulates the movement of sea air.
  • Compact LCD display. Displays current operation mode and informs about the temperature mode in the room.
  • Horizontal rotation function and creates an evenly distributed airflow.

Why does the fan spin backwards?

Most likely, the fan is not assembled correctly: turn the rotor and everything will work properly.

How do I make my fan not turn around?

Most floor fans have a special button or lever that locks the swivel mechanism. Check your model’s manual. It will tell you exactly what you need to do.

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