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Best Electric Shavers Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Electric Shavers Consumer Ratings & Reports

The question of how to choose an electric razor is relevant for any man who wants to look like a million. Unlike standard razors, shavers save a lot of time and allow you to take care of your face with minimal effort. It’s easy to make “quick and easy” a reality with an electric razor that gives you a comfortable shave without irritation, scratching or damaging your skin. But how do you choose a good razor that meets your man’s needs in terms of quality and the type of stubble he sports? Our tips and tricks are here to help.

What is the difference between rotary and mesh electric shavers?

Considering which electric shaver is better, it is necessary to take into account that all modern devices are equipped with two fundamentally different systems of hair removal – rotary and mesh. Each of them has its own features, disadvantages and attractions.

The rotary electric shaver is equipped with round knives that rapidly rotate around their own axis. From above, they are covered by a grid that protects the skin from the cutting edges. When the electric shaver is used, the hairs fall into the grid where they are gently cut with the blades.

Features of a rotary electric shaver:

  • During shaving, the head of the device lightly presses on the skin, so that the stubble is removed cleanly.
  • These shavers are low-noise and can support a wet shave.
  • With rotary models, you can easily choose a docking station that will both recharge and disinfect your shaver.

A rotary-type electric shaver shaves fairly smoothly. Many models have a floating head, which ensures a close fit of the grille to the skin. However, deciding which electric shaver is worth choosing and buying for face care, it is important to understand that the excessive pressure of the device can cause skin irritation, especially if it is too sensitive.

A mesh electric shaver is equipped with blades that do not rotate, but rather oscillate from side to side. Protection of the skin from the cutting blades is provided by a metal mesh consisting of many small cells. During shaving, the mesh presses down on the face and the bristles fall into the cells where they are cut by the blades.

You can buy a mesh electric razor in three variants:

  • With a fixed head – the most budget-friendly unit, in which the head does not change its angle when shaving.
  • With a floating head – more expensive models, in which the main element changes the tilt to remove hairs in difficult areas.
  • With a floating head and moving blades – in such electric razors move both the blades and the head, which allows the device to fully adjust to the topography of the male face.

Modern electric razors of the mesh type are suitable for shaving both one-day stubble, and perfectly cope with the three-day. If the hairs have grown longer, we recommend you first trim the bristles with a trimmer integrated into the shaver, and then use the shaver itself, this will be most effective and safe. The undoubted plus of mesh electric razors is minimal or almost no irritation. So if you have sensitive skin and shaving machine appeared irritation, then your choice – mesh shaver Braun. The unique design and patented cutting elements make your shave as close and comfortable as possible. For the most sensitive skin, you can shave with foam or gel, and almost all models are water-resistant and allow you to shave even under the shower.

So which electric shavers are most suitable for shaving? When buying, you should take into account your skin type and personal appearance preferences. Premium rotary models shave your face so that there is not even a hint of hair on it, but they can be irritating for people with sensitive skin. Due to the nature of their design, rotary shavers won’t always be able to thoroughly shave hair in hard-to-reach places like a mesh shaver with a floating head and independent shaving elements does. In any case, you should choose your razor carefully based on your skin, your shaving preferences, and your ease of use.

Which electric shaver for wet or dry shaving?

One of the key criteria for choosing the right electric shaver is whether to shave wet or dry. The first option is attractive because during the shaving procedure, the skin is steamed and cleaned additionally. Foams and gels are used to remove hairs, providing better facial care. In addition, with the wet method, the dermis receives less microscopic trauma, which usually leads to irritation.

On the other hand, an electric razor with a wet shaving feature requires more time to remove hair. It’s difficult to use when traveling, especially on flights, and it requires the extra expense of buying foaming agents to use the device fully.

To shave stubble dry, you only need an electric razor. It is much easier to work with it, and care is limited to cleaning the elements with a brush. However, planning to choose a men’s machine for dry shaving, you should take into account that the removal of hairs on unsteamed skin often leads to an unpleasant feeling and irritation.

So, deciding which electric shaver is better, you need to first decide with the question – do you need a wet shave or not.

Power Features of an Electric Shaver

As a power source in modern electric shavers are used power from the mains supply, built-in battery or normal batteries. In the case of the first option, everything is quite simple – the device is equipped with a power cord, which must be connected to the power supply. This is convenient at home, but can be a serious problem when carrying out a shaving procedure in travel.

In recent years, more and more manufacturers are abandoning corded shavers and offering users rechargeable devices that are charged from the mains and shave with power from a built-in battery. Such models are more comfortable to use because they do not require tethering to an outlet.

In order to choose the right cordless electric shaver, you should ask about the type and capacity of the battery when buying. Nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride batteries are usually installed on inexpensive models and lose their charge quickly, while lithium-ion batteries are used on more expensive shavers and can quietly maintain the functions of the device for 50-60 minutes.

Another important point is the charging speed of the battery pack. Optimal are considered the so-called “fast” models, which require from 30 minutes to 4 hours to recharge. Less in demand “slow” electric shavers, charging from 5 to 8 hours. Some advanced devices can maintain a fast charge in 5 minutes, which is enough for one shaving session.

Accessories and attachments on the shaver

When we choose an electric shaver, the set of the electric device is not unimportant, because it largely depends on the comfort of the user and the quality of bristle removal. The devices can be equipped with the following set of interchangeable nozzles and accessories:

  • trimmer for shaving length adjustment – suitable for trimming moustaches and beards, shaping eyebrows, shaving tightly fitting hairs;
  • Automatic facial moisturizing tank – Filled with gel or other solution that your shaver applies to your skin while you shave;
  • hair collection compartment – makes it easy to clean the device after each shaving session;
  • Docking station – automatically cleans, recharges, and disinfects your shaver;
  • Carry case – makes your shaver easy to store and transport;
  • Brush – used for manual cleaning of shaving edges from hairs.

Extra features

Manufacturers care about users and give electric razors a lot of features that make shaving a simple and even pleasant experience. The newest models of devices are equipped with LCD-display that informs a man about the current state of the device. It can be used to adjust the modes of shaving procedure and to know in time when the shaver needs to be cleaned or recharged.

Other optional features of the machines include:

  • automatic voltage adjustment to connect the device to the power grid anywhere in the world;
  • technology of reading the features of the bristles and adapting the electric device to its density;
  • LED battery charge indicator;
  • independent floating nets on the head that can cope with any curves on the face;
  • thermoelectric cooling technology (in Braun electric shavers) designed to irritate your skin less.

Proper shaver care

Part of the hairs cut during shaving are always left behind by the foil or grille, so the electric shaver requires periodic cleaning and disinfection. The device should be cleaned after each use. To do this, use a special brush, which is usually supplied with the device. If your electric shaver is marked “washable”, it means you can wash the shaving head under running water.

If you have no time or inclination to care for your shaver, it may be best to go with a shaver that automatically cleans for debris. A special docking station with a recharging function removes hair residue, lubricates your blades, and disinfects the cutting block. All this happens at the same time as the battery is charging. The user only needs to change the disinfectant cassettes periodically.

Thanks to the large variety of technology, the task of which shaver to choose for your home is much easier than it was even a couple of decades ago. Now there is no need to shout “help make the right choice”, because consumers have access to useful information and reviews on the Internet, which will make it easy to choose the right option.

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