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Best Dehumidifier Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Dehumidifier Consumer Ratings & Reports

I am very familiar with the problem of damp walls and the constant feeling of dampness at home. Often heard from the guests of our private hotel that the room is an unpleasant musty smell, and the beds are all very cold and wet, and noticed on the walls of mold stains. It was terribly unpleasant. But one day I remembered that there are dehumidifiers that can help to combat the problem of moisture. To be honest, I searched for a good dehumidifier for about a week. After such a search, I already feel like a real pro. I would also like to share my observations with you.

Types of dehumidifiers

Dehumidifiers are distinguished according to two main characteristics:

By the principle of operation:

  • Condensation dehumidifiers – don’t work at low temperatures;
  • Assimilation dehumidifiers – are usually used in ventilation systems;
  • Adsorption dehumidifiers – can work in low temperatures.

By type of construction:

  • mobile – which can be portable;
  • columns – more suitable for big premises such as swimming pools;
  • wall-mounted;
  • flush-mounted installation;
  • Channel-type – compressor can be installed outdoors.

What to pay attention to when choosing a dehumidifier


Air dehumidifiers, both domestic and industrial, are common on the market. They can be of different capacity and are designed for different areas. They can dehumidify up to 50 liters of moisture per day, while an industrial dehumidifier can dehumidify thousands of liters.


If you need to dehumidify somewhere from 6 to 12 square meters, the variant with an intensity of 10-20 liters per day is suitable. For a room of 14-20 sq.m. you need to use a device with an intensity of 20-30 liters per day. For a room of 15 to 30 sq.m. you need an intensity of 30-40 liters per day.


In any technical device, the power indicator is a measure of efficiency. Therefore, I would pay attention to this factor. For domestic conditions 200-400 W is enough. For better performance I would recommend you to buy a dehumidifier with 400 watt to 700 watt.


For convenience and aesthetics, it is also important to think about the location of the device. Conventional stationary devices are mounted on a wall or the ceiling. Wheeled, mobile dehumidifiers can easily be moved from room to room. Most of the modern dehumidifiers are exactly of this kind. By the way, the higher power of the device, the heavier is its weight, and this also should be taken into consideration.

Air exchange

To choose the right dehumidifier, of course, the first thing to do is to calculate the volume of the room where the dehumidifier will operate. When buying it is better to choose the one, where the air exchange will be several times higher than the volume of your apartment (house, room, etc.). For example, for 50 cubic meters model should have an air exchange of 150-200 cubic meters per hour.


This characteristic is especially relevant for families with small children. The most comfortable dehumidifier for the house does not exceed 40-45 dB.


If you are going to buy such a device, it is not bad if it will have a built-in ionization function. With its help, a high accumulation of aeroions is created in the room. With them it is much more pleasant and easier to breathe. Also ideal for children’s rooms.


Also a useful and smart thing. Devices that have a hygrostat are more economical and easy to use. Such dehumidifiers do not over-dry the air because they take into account the humidity of the room and switch on and off automatically. A pleasant bonus is that they save energy and utilities.

What dehumidifier is better to buy?

I would advise you to choose a mobile dehumidifier that you can carry anywhere depending on the humidity. When you move, it saves you the trouble of dismantling and installing it in a new place. In addition, it is worth choosing a device that has hygrostat and ionizer functions. Your future purchase should not cause discomfort with its size and noise. Well, buy one that will consume little electricity, but at the same time will be a powerful and efficient device. Believe me, in conditions of a huge range it is not so difficult.

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