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Best Deep Fryers Consumer Ratings & Reports

Best Deep Fryers Consumer Ratings & Reports

The daily meal will be everyone’s favorite crispy fries, if you have a deep fryer at hand. And if you have kids – you can’t avoid buying this miracle appliance! Now you can easily have a small feast at home by adding gourmet fries to fried potatoes, cooked in the deep fryer in no time at all. Your family is sure to appreciate the tender and juicy viands with a crispy, crispy crust.

Fish and seafood in batter, meat and cheese fondue, donuts and fruit are easily prepared in this appliance with minimum use of your hands. You won’t have to think long about the menu if guests come to the house – in the deep fryer you can cook any food from your fridge! And you will not need much oil!

Modern deep fryers are compact and safe, they do not get hot on the outside, and oil bowls have non-stick coating that allows to get rid of cleaning troubles. And this is an important advantage that encourages the purchase of a miracle appliance. And no burning smell in the kitchen! Filters take care of everything. This fryer will be the first necessity and indispensable appliance in your kitchen.

It’s up to you to choose. The main thing is to decide on the size. You can make 4 french fries from 1 kg of potatoes. This requires 1.2 liters of oil. Oil bowls have a standard maximum volume – 2.2 liters. There are more, such as the Russell Hobbs 20810-56 Purifry Health Fryer or the PROFICOOK PC-FR 1115 Fryer for 3 liters of oil, intended for professional use. There are also quite small ones – Adler AD 4905 Fryer for 1.1L. The standard allowable amount of potatoes is considered to be 1 or 1,2 kg.

If you are going to use the fryer frequently, there is no need to change the oil for each dish. In order to ensure that the smell and food particles do not remain in the oil, and are used stationary and removable filters. Stationary filters are usually included in the fryer, they are easy to clean, and they are durable. Removable filters are reusable. Stationary filters are convenient because they are easy to clean and don’t require extra money. Removable filters are a system that keeps the odor inside (i.e., does not let it out of the fryer at all). Such filters are easy to replace, and one lasts for a long time. Contrary to popular belief, its cost is low. Removable filter is much more effective than a stationary filter cuts off odors, in terms of absorption of oil vapors, they are almost the same.

Oil filters are not standard on fryers. These are paper filters that allow you to quickly filter out the oil you just fried fish or meat in so you can prepare dessert or side dishes immediately afterward.

Choose a deep fryer with stepless temperature control – it’s much more convenient, you determine the frying temperature yourself.

And most importantly, the thing that causes a lot of prejudice for buying an air fryer is cleaning! Buy a fryer with a removable bowl and lid. Cleaning such a product is no hassle at all. Uncomplicated disassembly and into the dishwasher! Stainless steel or special non-stick coating can be cleaned without any problems.

Once you’ve decided what’s important to you, consider the Adler AD 6307 Multi Oven Fryer or the PROFICOOK PC-FR 1087 Fryer, the PROFICOOK PC-FR 1088 Fryer or the perfect Russell Hobbs Purifry Multi Health Oil-Free Fryer Oven.

You can diversify your kitchen by purchasing the Russell Hobbs 22560-56 Fiesta Fryer with Fondue function, which not only allows you to prepare a variety of deep-fried dishes, but also a wonderful family fondue – meat, fish, cheese or chocolate. Now you can make these delicacies yourself. A festive atmosphere in your home is guaranteed. Cooking in a deep fryer doesn’t require much effort or time. It heats the oil to the temperature set by the thermostat. In addition, it has a filter that protects the air from odors, and the frying basket prevents oil from splashing. A set of fondue forks will help turn dinner into a classic Swiss meal.

If you need a fryer for a larger meal, get the Clatronic FR 3195 professional double fryer or the AEG FR 5548 (double) stainless steel fryer with 2 baskets for frying and one large basket for mixed foods. The capacity of these fryers is 3L of oil in each bowl! And the built-in heat protection will make these models very convenient. The baskets can be used together or separately. They use the “cold zone” technique – the heating coil is directly in the oil for quick heating and odorless frying.

After each use of the fryer, be sure to drain the oil through a filter (then it can last you 10-15 times) and thoroughly wash the basket and bowl. If you leave the oil in the fryer, it will become rancid and spoil as it contains food particles. To prevent premature oil contamination, add salt and pepper already in the cooked food and after it has been removed from the basket. Only models with an adjustable thermostat allow you to toast solid butter by cutting it into small cubes. Never mix different types of oil (e.g., vegetable oil and butter) and fats, or old oil with new oil.

Of course, you shouldn’t overdo deep-fried dishes, but you shouldn’t give them up either! Especially if you will cook fresh fish, vegetables and fruits. Experiment, surprise and amaze yourself what delights you can do with modern deep fryers!

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