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Buying a fan in the summer is an important and rather troublesome task. However, if you know which criteria you should pay attention to and which models you should stay away from, the choice will not take so long and will be justified. We present a rating of the best fans for the home — floor, table, ceiling-based on the reviews of experts and ordinary customers.

Types of household fans

You can classify this type of climate control equipment in different ways. One thing is for sure: in a global sense, the division into 3 main sections is relevant:

Outdoor fans

The most popular and widespread type of fans. Most often, these are high-end versions of medium power. But in general, not everything is unambiguous, since there are several design subspecies for the “deck” installation.

Classic axial fans. Exterior: a telescopic rack, a cross-shaped or round base on the bottom, a block with a control panel and a horizontally located electric motor on the top, on the axis of which the impeller is “mounted”. It’s also a propeller or propeller, if you like, like Carlson’s. The blades rotate, moving the air forward and providing coolness to the user. In such models, a mechanism for changing the direction of blowing is traditionally provided.

Axial fans without a rack (with a “low fit”). Usually these are powerful all-metal models with an adjustable tilt, but without a rotary mechanism. An alternative option is plastic versions with a thin body, where a slowly rotating front grille with sloping ribs at the desired angle is used to distribute the air flow in different directions.

Radial fans, also known as column fans. The body shape is narrow and vertical. The impeller is also present, but is made in the form of a drum, the same as, for example, in the internal blocks of split systems. These models are compact, always equipped with a rotation controller, and more often than other versions are supplemented with a remote control. However, they are almost never quiet. It’s not normal to fall asleep with them. But somewhere in the office in a limited space – great.

Desktop fans

Everything is much simpler here. Compact axial models of medium or low power on a low stand. They are local fans. The room is not particularly “blown”, but they are good in close proximity, being hoisted on a table or nightstand.

Ceiling fans

Fans with a fairly large “wingspan”. However, due to the method of placement, they do not take up any extra space in the room, you will not trip over them, you will not drop them (unless, of course, the neighbors from above do not get dirty). Ceiling fans are best suited for a bedroom as an overhead source of coolness, combined with a chandelier. The luminaire block is either immediately included in the kit, or optional retrofitting is supported.

There are also other types of fans. For example, wall-mounted ones. That’s just their very specific method of fastening very few people will be interested in at home. There are desktop “clothespins” powered by USB. This is generally from another “opera” – computer accessories. Finally, there are bladeless models with a turbine. The price tag is sky-high, there are no special advantages, except for the space design. And they are not silent at all.

How to choose a good fan for your home or office?

When choosing a fan, pay attention to the following criteria::

  • The performance (power) of the fan should be the main determining factor when choosing it. The larger the area of the room, the higher the power of the device should be, respectively. However, this parameter requires special attention only when buying a floor or wall version, while in a desktop fan, the size of the blades will be more decisive.
  • The noise level will affect the comfort of using the device, especially at night. This parameter should not exceed 40 dB. It must be specified in the technical specifications of the fan. And for children’s or sleeping rooms, it is advisable to prefer even 30 dB.
  • The fan motor can be based on ball bearings or bushings, the first option is more productive and creates less noise.
  • Additional functions of the device, such as illumination, timer, display and even an ionizer, are certainly not so necessary, but they are quite comfortable. Naturally, the price will be much higher.

Rating of the best home fans-Top 20

Best floor fans with remote control

Electrolux EFF-1020i
A 50 W axial fan with a plastic housing will cool down a room of up to 24 m2. The diameter of the blades of the device is 40 cm, and the maximum height of the sliding rack is 138 cm. The fan stands on a stable base measuring 45 cm. Three operating speeds allow you to create a comfortable airflow. You can change the tilt of the head, but only manually. Swedish brand, made in China, 2-year warranty, service life according to the device passport – 7 years.Main advantages:Three modes of air flow modulation: normal blowing, natural wind, night.Touch control panel, LED display.There is a max shutdown timer for 15 hours in 1-hour increments.Remote control.Periodic rotation (can be disabled from the remote control or control panel) and manual tilt of the head to the desired angle.Night mode with reduced operation noise.Minuses:After disabling it, it doesn’t remember the last mode.Beeps when switching, the sound does not turn off.
9.8 / 10RATING
Powerful fan, for a room of 18 m2 we use the first two speeds, and this is enough. They work quietly, the higher the speed – the more powerful the sound. Aesthetic design, heavy, stable stand.
Ballu BFF-880R
The fan for the house with a maximum power of 45 W has all the advantages to ensure comfort: various modes for natural blowing, adjustment of the speed of rotation of the blades (37 cm in diameter), the ability to automatically turn off after a given period of time, remote control. The weight of the device is 4.8 kg. The “owner” of the brand is a multinational company engaged in the development, production and sale of climate control equipment, guaranteed for one year.Main advantages:Classic floor fan for rooms up to 20-24 m2. Included is a remote control.Blowing speed adjustment: 3 positions.Breeze/normal/sleep modes.Timer for up to 7.5 hours with a 0.5-hour readability.The noise level declared by the manufacturer is only 35 dB.Sliding rack (maximum device height-1.25 m), fan head tilt-in the range of 45°.Display of modes and timer.A modest price.The service life (according to the manufacturer’s assurances) is 10 years.Minuses:Turning off the fan unit rotation can only be done by deactivating the button on the device itself.Old-fashioned plastic cross-shaped base.The initial smell of plastic (based on customer reviews).
9.7 / 10RATING
I am 100 percent satisfied with the fan: powerful enough blowing, quiet operation, attractive price. In the “breeze” mode, an enveloping breeze is created, just like on the seashore.
Polaris PSF 3040RC3 299
Next in the rating is a 55 W floor fan with three high-speed blowing modes and a 40 cm blade diameter. Control – mechanical, push-button. On the control panel there are LED indicators of operating modes. The shutdown timer is set in the range of 0.5…7.5 h with a discreteness of 0.5 h. Made in China. Warranty – one year.Main advantages:The fan for creating a variable air flow, has the functions ” sea breeze “(changing the flow rate from high to low every 3 seconds) and “sleep” (stepwise lowering of the blowing speed before switching off).Height adjustment of the rack.Changing the head tilt angle.Work with 90° rotation or in a fixed position.Shutdown timer.Remote control.Low price of a remote-controlled model.Spectacular combined black and white case.Minuses:Setting the shutdown timer only after every 0.5 hours.It is not possible to program the device to turn on/off at a specific time.
9.6 / 10RATING
A convenient model, you get used to light noise and, practically, do not notice it. In the heat, we fall asleep with a fan, which then turns off on a timer. Our remote control confidently operates within a radius of 2-3 m from the device. It’s a pity that the case rotation can’t be disabled from the remote control
Midea FS 4051
In the rating of the best-a model of a 45-watt floor-mounted vane fan. The air flow is “guided” by 3 blades with a total diameter of 40 cm. A remote control is included in the package. All switchable modes and speed control are activated both from the control panel on the case and from the remote control (it works at a distance of up to 5 meters, the width of the response zone is 60°), but the rotation of the “head” can be disabled only by lifting the locking button, as in the most budget models. An interesting feature is the “natural wind” mode: the rotation of the blades is periodically turned on/off, and if the rotation of the blade block is activated, the periods are randomly layered on top of each other, forming a truly natural wind blow, a sense of presence on an open veranda. The brand’s home country and country of origin is China, with a one – year warranty.Main advantages:Low-cost fan with three blowing speeds, timer and remote control.Three operating modes: sleep/normal / natural wind.Head rotation (disabled), as well as tilt adjustment.Timer speed and time indication.Telescopic stand, maximum height 1.3 m.Light weight – only 3 kg.Almost silent operation (according to customer reviews).Minuses:Hourly timer setting for 1-7 hours, without the ability to set minutes.Head rotation is not disabled from the remote control.
9.6 / 10RATING
A simple, inexpensive fan model with the most necessary functionality, makes little noise. Maybe the view is not the most modern, but this is the very case when the classics confirm their relevance outside of time.
Energy EN-1617
The floor fan with a maximum power of 50 W is equipped with all the necessary “buns” for comfort. There are three speeds of rotation of the blades, a remote control, a timer, manual tilt of the head in the vertical plane, as well as shaking the head horizontally. The main distinguishing feature of the device: a small display on the control panel shows not only the operating modes, but also the ambient temperature. The fan blades, 40 cm in diameter, are made of transparent plastic.Main advantages:Blowing at three speeds.Three blowing modes: night (quiet), normal, sea breeze. The last of these modes changes the speed of blowing, then quieting down, then increasing the fan rotation.Display and electronic push-button control. The device can be set up and turned on from the panel on the case or controlled using the remote control.Timer for 7.5 hours.Heavy metal base with a plastic cover plate-for stability.Height adjustment (telescopic foot). Maximum height 125 cm.Minuses:The display is located behind the blades, which makes it difficult to read.Plastic housing and assembly is not of the highest quality.
9.0 / 10RATING
Quite a powerful fan. It blows 4-5 meters in front of you. Plastic blades are too thin, do not install in the sun.

Best Low-cost floor fans

Sencor SFN 4047WH
The 50 W axial floor fan is equipped with blades with a diameter of 40 cm, the fan height at the maximum extension of the telescopic stand is 126 cm. The body, blades and base of the device are made of plastic, the telescopic stand and the protective mesh of the blades are made of metal. The control switch is made in the form of a ring, by turning it, you can choose one of the flow rates, or turn off the device. Japanese brand, made in China, 2 years warranty.Main advantages:3 rotation speeds.Shaking the head in a horizontal plane during operation is disabled.Manual tilt of the head to the desired angle.Stable base.Height adjustment: 103-126 cm.Overheat protection.Easy assembly.Minuses:Plastic of modest quality.There is no remote control.You can only disable head rotation manually by lifting up the lock on the back of the head.
9.6 / 10RATING
Powerful fan, efficient air flow. It sways slightly and vibrates when working at third speed, but it stands steadily on the base, it will not fall if accidentally touched. Not noisy.
Ballu BFF-805
Elegant stable (5 kg) axial fan with a power of 45 W is made in a high-quality plastic case on a metal telescopic leg. The diameter of the blades is impressive – about 45 cm. The noise level at maximum speed (there are only three of them) is 40 dB. Control is mechanical, by pressing buttons. It can be used in various rooms with an area of up to 25 m2 or for local ventilation. Made in China, 1 year warranty.Main advantages:Medium power fan with large blades.Stable round stand.The rack height is 130 cm.Stepwise adjustment of wind flow power.Head rotation function (disabled).Minuses:With the standard set of features, the price is not the smallest. You have to pay for elegance.Not the quietest fan.There is no remote control.
9.5 / 10RATING
Great fan, first speed, maybe a little noisy. It copes with its function well. it looks very stylish: black, glossy plastic, elegant shapes.
Midea MVFS4002/4003
A simple 3-blade fan with a power of 40 W is designed for a room with an area of up to 12-16 m2. The diameter of the blades is 40 cm, the dimensions of the crosspiece of the base are 0.7 x 0.7 m. Chinese product. Warranty – one year.Main advantages:Elementary control fan with a rotary “head” (can be turned off) and three speeds of rotation of the blades.Telescopic stand, height adjustment (max 1.25 m).The tilt angle of the “head” is adjustable.Electrical cord 1,8 m.Light weight – about 3 kg, compact storage when assembled.Plastic body and cross base without smell, burrs, decent quality.Possibility to purchase in black or white color, under the interior.The service life specified by the manufacturer is 5 years.Minuses:The maximum noise level of 65 dB is quite high.
9.5 / 10RATING
A cheap but functional fan was needed. This model was suitable for all parameters. The noise level is acceptable.
Maxwell MW-3546
An inexpensive 35 W floor fan is equipped with blades with a diameter of 40 cm. With the usual set of adjustment options (set to the required height, turn the head on/off, change the angular velocity of the blades), there is a function for tilting the rotation axis. Push-button operation. Production-Hong Kong, warranty-1 year.Main advantages:Fan for small rooms in high-quality design.Ability to change the rotation speed.There is a function to adjust the angle of the head with a lock.The minimum service life of the device specified by the manufacturer is 3 years.Possibility of compact storage in disassembled form.Minuses:Need to build before use.It is not possible to control remotely, from the remote control.There is no shutdown timer.Standard appearance, without originality.
9.4 / 10RATING
Nice fan. He served faithfully for three years. Lightweight, convenient to move around the room. The legs are stable. It doesn’t make much noise, and sometimes you forget that it works. Conveniently, you can adjust the slope of the air flow.
Rix RSF-4002W
Another model of the floor axial fan (35 W), quite simple in design, but not at the expense of its functionality. The entire classic set of features is available: switching speeds, disabling cyclical head rotation, tilting the head to the desired angle. The three plastic blades have a diameter of 30 cm and a configurable maximum height of 125 cm. Push-button control, on the product leg. The plastic case is made in a white and silver design. The protective grille and tube of the rack are made of metal. Made in China, one – year warranty.Main advantages:3 rotation speeds.Switchable head rotation by 90° in the horizontal plane, to cover the entire volume of the room.Tilt the head at an angle of up to 30°.Stable round base.Minuses:There is no remote control.Manually disabling head rotation.
9.4 / 10RATING
Powerful fan with small blades. There is not enough illumination of the gear shift buttons. Without it, you have to switch at night by touch. Noise is low, in the range of 52 dB specified by the manufacturer in the product data sheet. A good option for its quite modest price. It came in disassembled form, the assembly is not difficult.
Our rating continues with an inexpensive 40W fan with a blade diameter of 40 cm. It is possible to switch gears (3 positions) and rotate the air flow by 90° (disabled). The crosspiece of the base has dimensions of 045×45 cm. Made in China, warranty-one year, service life-5 years.Main advantages:Stand with height adjustment (up to 1.25 m).The tilt of the “head” can be changed.LED button illumination.Minuses:Not very quiet (according to customer reviews).
9.2 / 10RATING
Inexpensive fan, odorless plastic. It does not work silently, but the noise level is not important for us. Copes with the task.

Best Powerful metal floor fans

Stadler Form Charly stand New C-060
A solid and thorough fan, the product of a fruitful collaboration between the Stadler Form team and designer Matti Walker. In the stylish appearance of the device, there is a certain similarity with the outlines of an airplane turbine. And if the powerful air flow created by three aluminum blades only enhances this impression, then a completely comfortable noise background (up to 56 dB) is definitely not associated with the hum of an aircraft.The fan is designed for servicing rooms with an area of up to 50 m2, and the housing can be rotated and tilted. Power consumption varies from 36 to 58 watts depending on the selected mode. The device is made entirely of metal (stainless steel, zinc, aluminum) and has a matte finish. A decent weight – 9.4 kg-in combination with a massive round stand provides maximum stability.Main advantages:3 speed modes;Stylish and reliable metal construction;Easy cleaning of the blades.Minuses:High price tag;There is no remote control.
9.8 / 10RATING
The fan looks very attractive. A good interior needs a decent device, which this model fully represents. Excellent performance, reliable performance, stability. Satisfied. I don’t regret the money I spent.
Ballu BIF-10S
A good fan from a brand that specializes in the production of industrial and domestic air conditioning equipment. This is a powerful fan with a capacity of 10,000 m3 / h and a power consumption of 130 watts. With such an air flow, the device is applicable, for example, in large square residential areas, in hotel halls, on theater stages, or in any rooms with insufficient ventilation. The working head with a diameter of 60 cm is slightly different from the design of the head of classic household fans, it is made in the form of a drum, to form a directed air flow during operation. Made in China, one – year warranty.Main advantages:3 working speeds, switching on the back panel.Blades with a diameter of 50 cm made of metal.The fan head is manually rotated 360° relative to the horizon, firmly fixed with a lamb.Telescopic stand for installation in a range of heights, maximum – 165 cm.Round base (diameter 49 cm) with weighting for guaranteed stability.Minuses:Quite a weighty product: 14.2 kg.There is no remote control.
9.8 / 10RATING
This is a 100 % industrial version: large size, brutal appearance. Reliable stand, even a large dog will not fall. The fan is quite noisy, at the third speed-up to 80 dB. But it blows well, sweeps away everything in its path. I bought it for the garage.
ProfiCare PC-VL 3065 WM
The axial metal fan made of metal can be used in both desktop and floor versions. The retro design of the model is universal, it will fit into any interior style. The application is very wide: from studio apartments, bedrooms, living rooms, to offices, photo studios, for example, to create a wind effect. The maximum power of the device is 100 W, which is enough to create a comfortable atmosphere in a room of up to 40 m2. The diameter of the blades is 40 cm, the device is controlled from the body. Made in China, one – year warranty.Main advantages:3 rotation speeds.All-metal fan, the blades are also metal.The control is push-button, the panel is located behind the fan.Manual change of the head tilt angle is possible in a wide range of values: the air flow can be directed vertically upwards.Convenient carrying handle.Stable chrome base with anti-slip pads and floor damage.Minuses:Fan without horizontal rotation of the head during operation.There is no remote control.
9.7 / 10RATING
The fan is quite simple in design, but due to an interesting design solution, it has the appearance of a premium device, and at the price it is much more affordable than other models of this category. Despite its performance in metal, it does not make much noise, and in terms of power, of course, it has no equal among column and other axial climate devices.
Soler & Palau TURBO 355 N
The 55W floor fan has a premium appearance thanks to its chrome-plated body elements. The design is really floor-standing, since there is no classic telescopic leg here and the blade block (diameter 37 cm) is located at the bottom, near the floor. This has its advantages: the air flow can be distributed at the bottom of the room, but, if necessary, the tilt of the “head” allows you to direct the air flow upwards, throughout the entire volume of the room. Speed switching is done on the back of the case.Main advantages:Floor-standing fan with 3 blowing speeds and a simple mechanical switch.Tilt of the blades at an angle to the floor.Dynamically balanced impellers.Metal version.Minuses:Simple design, no horizontal rotation, no timer and remote control.Not a low price.
9.6 / 10RATING
We were looking for just such a fan: a solid metal base with a chrome coating, the blades are also made of metal. We consider the flow direction at the bottom of the room to be the most comfortable.
Stadler Form Q Fan Q-002/Q‐011/Q-012/Q-014
The specially designed axial flow fan handles up to 2700 m3 / h at a power of 40 W. Made of stainless steel, the device has nothing superfluous, it just performs its function well. There is a mechanical speed control. The fan takes up little space, weighs a little more than 3 kg and does not need to be assembled. Stable, perfect for home or office use.Main advantages:high power output;unusual design;quiet;compact size;it doesn’t need to be built.Minuses:high cost;small tilt angle;heats up during operation.
9.6 / 10RATINGReviewsAmazing design, after I saw it, others are not interesting at all! At the first speed, it works almost noiselessly, blows very well.
Soler & Palau Turbo 455 CN PLUS
The 110 W floor fan effectively drives indoor air up to 30-40 m2. Here everything is quite simple and clear, the main advantage of the fan is metal elements that give strength and reliability of the structure. The diameter of the metal blade assembly is 45 cm. And even if the fan is equipped with a fairly heavy stable base, it still weighs almost 10 kg too much for a portable device. Feature of the model: the location of the speed switch on the back of the blade block. The noise level is about 60 dB. Spanish company specializing in the production of ventilation equipment, warranty-one year.Main advantages:Powerful fan with 3 blowing speeds.Simple mechanical control of the rotary knob for selecting one of the 3 speeds.During manufacturing, the impeller assembly is subjected to balancing.Possibility to tilt the blade block.Sliding rack up to 155 cm high.Robust housing with metal elements.Brutal and expensive appearance.Minuses:There is no head rotation function.Heavy weight, not suitable, for example, for children, where everything must be ultra-safe.There is no timer or remote control.The price is impressive.
9.6 / 10RATING
This fan model was chosen because of its power and solid appearance, perfectly fitting into our loft style living room. Installed in the corner of the room and not portable: the power is enough to “break through” the entire space.

Best Desktop Fans

Soler & Palau ARTIC-255 N
Ergonomic fan for any tables, countertops and even windowsills.Relatively high maximum air flow rate – 3.2 m/s.Setting the head tilt angle.Turning the rotary mechanism on/off.High-quality plastic housing.Low sound power level (according to the manufacturer’s assurance).Design in a neutral gray color with contrasting details.Minuses:There is no variable air flow (breeze) function.Quite a high price for a small device.
9.5 / 10RATINGS
High-quality fan, 5 blades, nice design, you get used to its light noise and it does not irritate. The case does not slide on the surface of the table, the gray color is very practical. Made in China, but the look is quite European.
Electrolux ETF-107W
The desktop axial fan with a blade diameter of only 13 cm and a power of 35 W is implemented in a plastic case. The protective grid of the blades is not similar to the classic version: it is not a grid, but plastic slats diverging from the center. The design is original and attractive. The speed is switched by a mechanical rotary controller. Home of the brand-Sweden, made in China, warranty-one year.Main advantages:3 operating speeds.Automatic shaking of the head during operation. Disabled.Head angle adjustment, you can adjust the air flow even vertically up.The declared noise level is only 33 dB.The recess on the back of the case acts as a carrying handle.Minuses:A small device, but not the smallest price.Short wire.
9.4 / 10RATINGReviewsPowerful for its size, compact, stylish fan. Bought for a bedroom of 16 m2, soft air flow, leave for the whole night, the noise level is acceptable, you can even say-the fan is quiet. It’s about the size of a basketball, or slightly larger.
Scarlett SC-DF111S07
The table fan from the popular brand, due to its acceptable quality and affordability, has a power of 38 W, a blade diameter of 30 cm, and is equipped with a stable round base. The advantage of desktop fans is the ability to receive air flow at any height in the volume of the room: “wind on your feet” when installed on the floor, “wind over your head” when installed on a high shelf, “wind in your face” – when placed on a table or pedestal. Main advantages:A simple, uncomplicated fan with all the necessary functionality.3 blade rotation speeds.Tilt the “head” by 30°.90° sideways rotation (disabled).Plastic body and blades are odorless.A fairly reliable brand, the equipment, subject to the recommendations of the operating instructions, has been working for years.Minuses:There is no remote control.Unassuming appearance.
9.3 / 10RATINGReviewsI am not afraid of drafts when I work, I put the fan on the table directly in front of me, and intensive air blowing is provided.

Best Column Fans

Xiaomi Mijia DC Inverter Tower Fan
The column fan from the ubiquitous Xiaomi is designed for a room of up to 20 m2. The push-button control panel is located at the top of the “tower”, from it, as well as from a special application, you can switch speeds and modes, control the cyclic rotation function (150°), activate the timer to turn off. The app sets a schedule for switching on/off, and the device will work independently. This is very convenient if you need to turn on the fan at night when you fall asleep, and turn it off in the morning, or, for example, ventilate the room before returning home. Stepless speed control is also available in the app. Dimensions: diameter 31 cm, column height 111 cm. Chinese product, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Functional and economical (max 22 W) fan.4 speeds.3 modes: normal, night, breeze.”Soft” air flow, suitable for children. The small distance between the grid fins is safe for children and pets.Works with the Mi Home app (Wi-Fi), can be integrated into a smart home system.At low speeds, it works quite quietly (34 dB at the 1st speed).Compact size, takes up much less space than axial fans.Minuses:Chinese plug, an adapter is required to connect to Euro sockets.You can control it from your smartphone via the app, but older users would really need a remote control.
9.1 / 10RATING
A Chinese device with a very decent build and plastic quality. We have this fan paired with an air conditioner, turn on the “breeze” function and a light cool breeze envelops you from head to toe. The paddle block is removable, easy to clean.
Coolfort CF-2008
A simple column-type fan (55 W) of simple design. And, nevertheless, the device with the necessary functions at a low price is very much in demand by buyers for homes, cottages, apartments. Due to the small height of the column (86 cm), the device can be installed both on the floor and on a coffee table, cabinet. The base diameter is 27.5 cm. Chinese product, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Adjustable airflow intensity, only 3 speeds.Rotation of the housing during operation – by 70 °. You can disable it.Low noise level at maximum performance: 55 dB.There is protection against overheating.Minuses:There is no remote control.Timer only for 60 minutes.
9.0 / 10RATING
A nice inexpensive fan, if installed on a flat floor, does not creak, turns smoothly, blows quite powerfully, and makes little noise. Plastic of medium quality, but odorless.
A 60-watt column fan, even at the first speed, will comfortably “cool” a medium-sized room. According to customer reviews, air blows are felt even in 5-6 meters from the device. Included is a remote control, the fan operation can be controlled both from the convenient keypad on the upper end of the device, and from the remote control. When switching modes, the device beeps loudly enough to turn off the sound. There is an air ionization mode. Made in China, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Compact column fan with high enough power and 3 blowing speeds for rooms up to 20-30 m2 in size.Quiet operation, at the first speed-quite suitable for the definition of “night mode”, the declared maximum noise level is 52 dB.Comfortable blowing by the volume of the room, column height — 109 cm.Column rotation by 65 degrees, disabled.Remote control.There is a special compartment for water-soluble flavors. It is necessary to place a small sponge (1×2 cm) in it, apply a flavoring agent on it.Convenient, integrated carrying handle.Glossy plastic case, elegant appearance.Minuses:The design of the base is quite flimsy, if you pass and accidentally touch it – a rather high device swings. It is better to put it in the far corner of the room, away from traffic lines. But this design is probably better dampens vibrations during the operation of the device, which ensures a low noise level.There is no “breeze / natural wind” mode, for more natural blowing.Timer with a 1-hour readability, no intermediate values.
8.9 / 10RATING
We are quite happy with the fan: quiet, powerful (it works mainly at first speed). No foreign odors.

Best Ceiling Fans

Soler & Palau HTB-140 RC
Ceiling fans are a common attribute of residential and public spaces in regions with tropical and subtropical climates. This particular device was developed by a Spanish company specializing in the production of ventilation equipment. The model belongs to a whole series of such devices with different size and power characteristics. The power of the device is 50 W, the diameter of the blades is almost 140 cm, the distance from the ceiling to the bottom of the fan is 38 cm, and the weight is 5.5 kg. Control is performed from a wall-mounted four-position remote control (3 speeds and the “off” position). Made in Spain, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Ceiling fan with 3 rotation speeds and low noise level(max 52 dB (A)) for spaces of no more than 25 m2.It can be operated in reverse mode, with the air flow directed down or up. The direction of rotation is selected from the device body when the blades are immobilized.The model can be converted to control a remote control with a shutdown timer for 1/3/6 hours (optional, an additional kit KIT RC HTB is ordered, but some online stores offer a fan already equipped with a remote control).Gradual set of revolutions.Motor with overheating protection.Minuses:For comfort of use, you need to take into account the height of the ceiling of the room, there is no height adjustment. The recommended minimum ceiling height is 2.68 m.Care must be taken to install the wiring for the fan and wall-mounted remote control.According to customer reviews, when working, it does not make a rustle, but a faint hum, like a computer. At maximum speed, the sound is quite strong.
9.8 / 10RATING
At maximum speed, the fan provides powerful air blowing, an interesting gradation of speeds: 3-minimum, 2-medium, 1-maximum. On 3 it is almost silent, on 1-with such a sound you will not fall asleep at night.
Dreamfan Espresso 142
Continues our rating of the best ceiling fan Dreamfan Espresso. This model is designed for a room of 25-30 m2 with a ceiling height of up to 4 meters. In terms of productivity (more than 12,000 m3 / h), this device can be attributed more to industrial options than to household ones. Suitable for offices, hotels, hotels, cafes. The diameter of the blades is very significant-142 cm, they have an ergonomic shape, rotate almost silently. The bar length of 38 cm can be adjusted to the desired height, cutting off the excess. If necessary, purchase a rod with a length of 1 m. The maximum height from the floor to the bottom of the fan must be at least 2.1 meters. Main advantages:3 blade rotation speeds.Steel body and blades with strong rivets.Included: Wall mounted speed controller.Almost silent operation.Simple technological design in the loft style.Minuses:There is no remote control. You can purchase an IR or radio remote control, but additionally, they are not included in the package.There is no natural wind function, only uniform rotation.Only the classic dark brown color (espresso). In white, there is a similar Simple 142 model.There is no reverse movement.
9.7 / 10RATING
Large fan, more suitable for large rooms. At home, it looks brutal with high ceilings, works silently, at low speed, as it were, “mixes the air”, you do not allow it to stagnate, evenly distributing the temperature in the room.

Which company’s fans are better?

In the premium segment, the Spanish brand Soler&Palau stands out. Makes really cool fans. And floor, and table, and ceiling. It’s a pity that not everyone can afford the prices for them.

Leading positions in the middle class are confidently held by Chinese manufacturers Midea and Ballu. Their models are not too expensive, they are carefully and soundly made, and they look nice on the outside. In addition, they are characterized by quiet operation, which is especially important for comfortable sleep on hot summer nights.

There is also Electrolux, with which everything is difficult. Externally, the fans of this brand are cute, functional. However, they are often noisy. Yes, and made cheap. Forget about Sweden! Everything is done in Taiwan!” In this case, it is a typical product of mainland China.

The budget segment is mainly filled with products of chameleon brands. Classic OEM from the same Celestial Empire, which is applied to the desired customer logo. If a brand discredits itself, a different name is used. Lottery! In general, it is better to buy a cheap fan in large stores where the exchange of an unsuccessful instance is available. And it is highly advisable to check immediately. Who will like the play of the axle, the creaking, smelly plastic, the constant clicks of the rotary mechanism?

In general, choose what you like best. Stylish, powerful, but expensive-an option if the budget allows. Maybe it’s average in price, practical and convenient-perhaps the best way out for everyone. Sorry about the money? The same position. Only the “cat in a poke” should not be taken.



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