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A real storehouse of these useful substances are vegetables, herbs, fruits, berries. However, for such products, there is a storage problem. Freezing or canning can help, but there is a more natural and less expensive way – drying. Dried apples, crispy banana chips, pear pastille – all this is easy to make with an electric fruit dryer. The best dryers for vegetables and fruits, which won the largest number of positive reviews from experts and buyers in 2022-in our current rating.

What are fruit and vegetable dryers?

Household electric dryers are divided into:

By heating type

Convective systems. The most common type of dehydrators (dryers). The principle is simple – moisture is released from the product by exposing it to a stream of hot air from a heating element with a fan.

Infrared cameras. They act on the principle of sunlight and heat the product directly, better preserving its natural color and properties. A more compact and economical version is tablecloth dryers.

By tray location

Vertical ones. Pallets are placed on top of each other. Heat can be supplied from above or from below. In the first case, the structure is reliable, durable and easy to maintain, but the volume served is limited. The second option provides more opportunities to increase the number of levels and performance, respectively.

Horizontal lines. The trays are extendable according to the type of baking sheets. Each of them can be opened independently of the others. The heater is installed on the back wall. The horizontal arrangement is typical for professional dehydrators.

By capacity

This parameter is more related to capacity than, for example, to the quality and speed of drying. The higher the power, the more fresh food the appliance can handle simultaneously. For household electric dryers, consumption figures range from 250 to 1000 watts. The golden mean is 500 watts.

By the presence of a temperature controller

The heating temperature should be close to natural in order to preserve vitamins and useful properties in products. For convective models, the best option is 30-75°C, for infrared models-40-60°C. The lower limit is for herbs and herbs, and the middle and upper limits are for mushrooms, vegetables, and fruits.

Best low-cost electric dryers (convective) for vegetables and fruits with a mechanical control unit

Spektr-ESOF-0.6/220 Veterok-2 Device
Domestic convective electric dryer for vegetables and fruits “Veterok-2” is one of the most popular devices among owners of dachas and homesteads. With its help, you can easily and simply prepare for the winter products that are not included in the freezer, which, moreover, after removing moisture, take up much less space and are unpretentious in storage.The model belongs to the budget class. The design is quite simple without any claims to originality, but the second “Breeze” is characterized by other positive qualities:Good maximum loading – up to 12 kg of raw materials;Set of 6 white plastic pallets (stronger and more durable than transparent);Recommendations for choosing drying parameters on the top cover for different products (vegetables, fruits, berries, herbs and mushrooms);With a good volume, the weight is very small – no more than 6 kg.The temperature is controlled by a simple rotary switch, and its value in the lower box is 52-70°C. The rated power consumed by the device is 0.6 kW.Important detail: when buying (especially remote), it is important to specify the version of the device, since there are varieties with the same marking ESOF-0.6 / 220 Veterok-2, but the trays can be both white and transparent, they can be not 6, but 5 pcs., there are options for completing with a pallet for pastilles and without it.Main advantages:Robust construction;Opaque, but almost “unkillable” pallets;Low price.Minuses:No auto-shutdown with timer;Simple design.
9.6 / 10RATING
I have been using this dryer for several years now. It was quite inexpensive, works efficiently, roomy, reliable and simple. I recommend choosing with opaque trays, they are stronger and more reliable. The only inconvenience is that it is disconnected only by removing the plugs from the socket.
SH-002-12 rotor
A very good, simple, convenient and very inexpensive household electric dryer of domestic production, designed for harvesting vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms and even drying fish and meat. It can be used for drying crackers and homemade noodles. It is made of high-quality heat-resistant plastic, equipped with 5 trays-grids and a top lid, which has a memo with recommendations for choosing the cooking time and temperature for different products.The principle of operation is convective. With the help of a tubular heater and a fan unit, a stream of hot air is pumped, which provides effective dehydration and neutralizes microorganisms that can cause damage to the prepared supplies. The temperature range is controlled by a mechanical switch in the range from 30 to 70°C. The power of the device is 520 watts. The volume of the working chamber can be modeled, thanks to the possibility of folding the grids: full working – 20 liters, in a compact format-12. Based on this, we get 2 drying modes: standard and express (the process is faster due to a decrease in the lumen).Before using it, it is important to read the instructions, which, for example, indicate that the fan unit needs periodic lubrication for smooth operation in order to avoid jamming.Main advantages:Affordable price;Good capacity;Efficient drying.Minuses:There is no timer;Opaque trays.
9.5 / 10RATING
I bought a cheap dryer for vegetables in the country with the thoughts “if you don’t like it, I won’t lose much.” And I like her. The results are excellent, simple and practical to use and maintain. In the lower tray, the temperature is slightly higher, so it is better to rearrange from time to time.
The simple name actually hides a very serious unit. Immediately 8 pallets are waiting for your crop to dry out-well, if not tons in hundredweight, then at least tens of kilograms this model is able to master. Powerful enough (500 W), it holds up to 700 grams per pallet (it is possible to dry even the smallest products. It operates in the optimal temperature mode without switches. The body and engine compartment are made of heat-resistant plastic. In this convection dryer, your vegetables will retain their vitamins and get a very cute compact dried look.Main advantages:Good power outputHigh-quality assemblyOverheat protectionLow priceMinuses:Ambiguous design
9.4 / 10RATING
Quite by accident, I learned about drying in a dehydrator as one of the best ways to preserve the usefulness of products. And I began to study the dryer market in order to choose the best one for myself. I reread many different forums and websites of manufacturers. And in the end, we decided on this model. I don’t regret it!
BelOMO 8360
Reliable and high-quality electric dryer is notable for being the winner of the contest “Best products of the Republic of Belarus 2016”. It is intended for drying vegetables, fruits, berries, mushrooms at home without losing vitamins, and in the process of harvesting medicinal herbs, all their medicinal properties and essential oils are preserved. In addition, BelOMO 8360 is adapted for making pastilles.The dehydrator is made of high-quality white plastic. The base, with a heating element and a fan inside, is equipped with a control unit consisting of a switch and a temperature controller with a smooth temperature setting with a maximum of 60°C. There are 3 heating zones for different products:1 (low) – for drying herbs and herbs;2 and 3 – for mushrooms, fruits and vegetables.Includes 5 pallets with a diameter of 32 cm and a lid. The power of the device is 500 watts. The drying time depends on the moisture content of the products and external conditions and can range from 2 to 12 hours.Main advantages:Optimal air flow pattern;Overheat protection;Tray for pastilles.Minuses:No timer is provided.
9.4 / 10RATING
Everything is made very well. Plastic is strong, the fan is protected by a grid. Products are dried well and evenly at all levels. If necessary, you can order more pallets.
It looks original and very positive: contrary to the generally accepted trends in design, the shape of the body and pallets of the DELTA DE-2500 is not round, but square (with sloping corners), the color of the design is white – (not gray – brown) crimson.Purpose: harvesting of fruits, berries, herbs, vegetables, mushrooms, medicinal herbs by dehydration (drying). In addition, among the declared possibilities are home-cured meat and / or fish, preparation of yogurt and some other fermented milk products, and dough layering.The device is based on a lower unit with a heater and convective fan. Power – 250 Watts. Mechanical control: On button. + temperature controller 40-70°C. 5 perforated trays of 1.2 liters each (6 liters in total) are used for loading products. There is a bright lid on top.Main advantages:Affordable price;Compact dimensions;Adjustable height of sections for different types of products;Lightweight and practical housing made of heat-resistant plastic.Minuses:No timer with auto-off and audio signal;The pallets are opaque.
9.3 / 10RATING
A normal inexpensive model for not too large dried fruit blanks. We also use it every autumn for drying wild mushrooms. We haven’t made meat yet, but we’re thinking about it. The design is cute, simple and clear.

Best Fruit and Vegetable Dryers with timer (classic vertical)

Ezidri Snackmaker FD500 Digital
Snackmaker FD500 is a junior model from the Ezidri brand, owned by the New Zealand company Hydraflow Industries, which specializes in the production of high-quality dryers with the introduction of advanced technologies.Junior is a rather conventional term, since there are no significant differences with the older brother Ezidri Ultra FD 1000 in terms of quality and drying speed, and the main difference between them is in power (500 vs. 1000 W), pallet diameter and support for the maximum number of pallets (5-15 vs. 5-30). For an ordinary family, a more compact model is quite enough, which is also noticeably more economical.The basic kit includes:Base with heater, fan and touch control unit (digital display, temperature controller-30-60°C in 5 increments, timer 1-24 hours);5 pallets (diameter 34 cm) and a cover made of ABS plastic;1 mesh and 1 pastille sheet made of food grade polypropylene;A book with instructions and recipes.You can dry a wide variety of products – greens, herbs, flowers, fruits, berries, vegetables, meat, mashed potatoes, snacks and soups. The unique air supply scheme guarantees uniform heating at all levels. The smells don’t mix.Main advantages:High quality of execution and reliability;Double wall trays;Thermal protection and double insulation;Warranty – 24 months + 36 extra when sending a barcode to the manufacturer’s email address.Minuses:High price tag.
9.9 / 10RATING
Dries well, and, most importantly, equally effective at all levels. In terms of energy consumption, the model is quite economical. Very high-quality, durable and non-smelly plastic. Management is as simple as it gets.
BelOMO 8361
We have already reviewed the basic model of the manufacturer from the Republic of Belarus BelOMO 8360, and this is its improved and more modern version. External characteristics are very similar: all the same white body, pallets and top cover made of opaque plastic.What’s the progress? The control panel became electronic with a digital display. The temperature is set in the “no heat”/30°C/40°C/50°C/60°C/70°C modes, and there is also a timer with setting the drying time for 1, 2, 4, 8 or 16 hours.The power consumption of the electric dryer is 500 watts. The principle of operation is convection. The set includes 5 lattice sections with a diameter of 34.5 (internal 32), the height of the clearance when installed one – to-one is 3.2 cm. The supported rated load for each level is up to 1 kg. The total volume of the entire assembly chamber is 15 liters.Main advantages:Decent capacity with the possibility of increasing (if you buy pallets);Included is a tray for making pastilles (also available separately);Audible notification when the specified work period is completed;Built-in overheat protection.Minuses:Convective heater operation is somewhat noisy;The beep does not turn off automatically (it is deactivated only after the power is turned off).
9.8 / 10RATING
Excellent helper during the processing of seasonal crops. With its appearance, tomatoes began to be steadily dried for the winter – you can buy them in the store, but the price tag is completely inadequate. And, of course, the classics of the genre are apples, pears, apricots, grass.
1000 Lux voltmeter (with timer and electronic control unit)
Excellent domestic convective electric dryer manufactured in Volzhsky, Volgograd region. Equipped by default with 5 pallets with a height of 4 and an internal diameter of 38.8 cm. In total, it is designed for simultaneous use of up to 15 grid trays. The model is made of high-quality ABS plastic, has a decent power of 1 kW, the basic volume of the drying chamber is 20 liters, with a maximum allowable number of levels – up to 60.This Lux model, unlike the standard versions, is equipped with a triac control unit with a display, electronic buttons for switching on/off the device, temperature settings in the range of 33-63°C (in increments of 1 degree), timer settings up to 48 hours. Another interesting feature is the air supply system separately for each of the levels, this ensures even drying without the need to rearrange the pallets, and also eliminates the mixing of odors.Main advantages:Efficient drying;Possibility of making pastilles;Good quality plastic;Decent capacity.Minuses:Expensive extra pallets.
9.7 / 10RATING
For a long time I chose a dryer for processing the crop and after numerous ordeals I came to the conclusion that this model is no worse than the expensive Yezidri. With its considerable capacity, it is still more profitable to use the maximum number of trays. I had to order it.
Rommelsbacher DA 750
A very interesting household dryer, which looks and structurally somewhat resembles an air grill. Unless the trays are not transparent and are made not of glass, but of plastic. The latter, by the way, is of excellent quality without any odors and casting defects, is durable, safe and clearly designed for a long service life. It is also worth noting a rather stylish design with relatively compact dimensions for this type of device, which, in general, positions the device more as an attribute of modern home cooking, and not of gardening, where these parameters are not so important.Now about the characteristics. In the arsenal of 4 opaque pallets, in which you can dry in addition to traditional fruits, vegetables, berries and herbs, all kinds of chips, including meat and fish. The trays are held on a special base with a pin in the center, and a heating unit with a fan and a transparent lid is placed on top, allowing you to observe the drying process.Mechanical control with three heating power options. A convenient and useful addition is a mechanical timer for up to 12 hours. The power of the dehydrator is 700 watts.Main advantages:High-quality and stylish design;Easy maintenance;Fast and efficient drying without mixing odors.Minuses:High price;Small volume.
9.6 / 10RATING
Despite the decent price, I made a choice in favor of this model and was right. The build quality, the construction with solid solid trays, the drying results – at the height, exceeded all expectations. A bold plus is the presence of a timer.

Best horizontal (with extendable pallets) convective Electric Fruit and vegetable dryers

Kitfort KT-1916
A stylish model with a metal body and a glass door in a metal frame continues our top of the best dryers for fruits and vegetables. The Kitfort brand specializing in the distribution of OEM products from China. Therefore, do not be surprised that a similar or even an exact copy of the electric dryer can be found on the market and under a different name.In this case, no matter how “the yacht is called”, it “floats”, in other words, dries, very well. It does this on the principle of a convection oven with a heating element and a fan on the back wall of the chamber. The design even provides a UV lamp for disinfection of dishes. Products that can be dehydrated: vegetables, berries, fruits, herbs (as a seasoning), medicinal herbs, mushrooms, bread (for those who periodically need or need to dry breadcrumbs), as well as fish and meat.The power consumption of the device is 550-650 watts. Control-electronic touch screen with digital display. In addition to the on/off button, the functions of setting the heating temperature in the range of 35-75°C (5 degrees each) and a 24-hour timer with 30-minute increments are implemented.Main advantages:Modern minimalistic design;Compact size-45x34x31 cm, side handles on the case;Efficient horizontal drying with even distribution of heated air throughout the chamber;Accessories included – 6 metal, 6 plastic lattices, 6 solid pallets (for pastilles and working with watery fruits).Minuses:Overly ambitious price tag (it is better to catch the action);For some reason, the network cable is very short – only 0.9 m.
9.7 / 10RATING
It looks great, fits perfectly into the interior of the kitchen, where there is an extension of approximately similar design. Not at all what the classic “bandura” plastic. Dried fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms. The result is excellent. We must now master the preparation of marshmallows.
Rommelsbacher DA 900
Just the case when equipment manufactured on a contract basis by large companies from the PRC, despite different names, is often not just similar, but almost identical. Here, too, the product is Chinese, but Rommelsbacher sounds beautiful and in German.In this case, the external difference with Kitfort KT-1916 is a slightly different arrangement of controls on the electronic panel. In addition, the model under consideration does not provide a decontaminating UV lamp, and the set of pallets is limited to 6 stainless, one plastic grates and one tray for making pastilles.Characteristics of the dehydrator: dimensions-46. 5x34x31. 5 cm, power consumption-600 W, function of setting the operating temperature in the range of 35-75°C, 24-hour timer with auto-off and sound notification.Main advantages:Stylish design in the color “stainless steel”, double walls of the case;Touch control panel with bright display;Rommelsbacher warranty – 24 months;The electric cord is long enough – 1.9 m.Minuses:High price tag;Basic set of accessories (can be purchased).
9.6 / 10RATING
Pretty, really well dries the fruits of the summer harvest and mushrooms extracted in the forest (or in the store). Pastille in our family is somehow not particularly quoted. There is an idea to try to fish povyalit-it is necessary to go fishing! In general, the device is really very necessary in the household.
Hyundai HYFD-S1202
Practical electric dryer for vitamin-containing gifts of nature. The name is Korean, but it is used under license, and the direct production, as always, was noted by one of the enterprises of the People’s Republic of China.Power Hyundai HYFD-S1202 – 500 Watts. The exterior is simpler than that of the first two nominees in the category: a sort of mini-oven with a black plastic body, a curved door of the same color with a medium-sized glass window. So after all, the price tag is more modest. The process of dehydration of products is provided by a vertical heating element with a large convection fan. And this is a uniform blowing of all levels of the drying chamber.And there are many of them. The set includes as many as 12 pallets: 6 metal and 6 plastic (3 for pastilles, 3 for small products). The operation of the device is controlled electronically. Set of functions: on/off, heating adjustment 35-75°C (step 5°C), timer up to 24 hours.Main advantages:Compact dimensions – 34×46. 5×31. 5 cm;Efficient drying of products by horizontal convection blowing;Not particularly heavy weight – 7 kg;The warranty period is 24 months.Minuses:The electrical cable is clearly too short-1.2 m;Design for an amateur.
9.5 / 10RATING
Roomy model for harvesting dried fruits, dry vegetables and other dry products. Right down to meat or fish chips. Convenient thing. It stands in the pantry until the time, and in the fall it works hard. And for us in winter in food and drink-beauty!

Best Metal Convective Dryers for Fruits and Vegetables

Alvin SU-1
Excellent inexpensive dryer for the production of dried fruits. High-quality products are guaranteed when using this unit. A large volume of the dryer, a reliable metal case (and this is very important for long-term use of equipment-the trays will definitely not melt), versatility – this model has many advantages. The disadvantage, by and large, is one-an ambiguous design. Not suitable for every kitchen. But if the appearance is secondary to you, this is a good dryer for vegetables and fruits.Main advantages:high power outputtwo operating modescost-effectivenessmetal componentsmultiple functionsMinuses:controversial design
9.4 / 10RATING
TherMmix (5 pallets)
In the design, a convective type of drying is used for greater efficiency due to the joint use of a heating element and a special fan.The model is available in several body colors-red, yellow, gray, orange, and green. Available in 5 mesh metal pallets. The power of the device is quite decent-600 watts. Start-up is performed by a power switch with a light indication, and the drying temperature is adjusted using a mechanical rotary switch. The maximum value is 60°C.The volume of the chamber is 18 liters, the weight of the device is 5 kg. Overheating protection is provided.Main advantages:Simple and reliable design;Good capacity;Efficient drying.Minuses:Primitive design;There is no time setting.
9.3 / 10RATING
This electric dryer is a real “workhorse”. No unnecessary details and functions – heating element, fan and large convenient trays. Dries perfectly and quickly enough. They loaded apples, plums, mushrooms, and even fish outside of the harvest season.

Which electric dryer is better to choose?

For owners of private homes and cottages, all-metal electric dryers of domestic production with convection or infrared heating are perfect. Some aesthetic and stylish design they do not shine, but their strength and reliability are out of competition.

An alternative option for those who expect a large harvest, but want to save money when buying-inexpensive convective dehydrators made of plastic with 5-8 pallets included and preferably with the possibility of increasing their number.

If money is not a pity and you want to get a product of a higher level, there are horizontal models Rawmid and vertical from the New Zealand brand Ezidri. The latest in its class is almost a reference version. They are really effective, powerful, able to quickly and evenly dry quite a large number of products, made with high quality and reliable. It’s just a pity the price tag is too high.

But there is a way out. Very worthy, and, most importantly, much cheaper analogues of Ezidri are the domestic VolTera 1000 (1 kW) and the Belarusian BelOMO (0.5 kW).

When choosing the optimal power, you can focus on the fact that in most cases the average values (350-500 W) are sufficient, which, moreover, will not excessively wind up the meter. But if the harvest is impressive, you should consider the dryer more seriously. Then there is a need for additional pallets.

Be healthy, consume vitamins all year round!



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