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There are many types of coffee makers, and “Expert Prices” included in its rating models for every taste, size and purse, which in the middle of 2022 earned the maximum number of positive reviews from customers. Which coffee maker is best to choose for your home and office, you can decide by reading our rating.

What coffee makers are there, and how did we choose the best ones?

Drip coffee maker. A simple and inexpensive coffee maker with a flask. The principle of operation is that hot water flows drop by drop into the filter, passes through the ground grains, taking away their taste and aroma, and enters the flask.

Geyser coffee maker. The principle of operation of a geyser coffee maker is the opposite of a drip one: water rises from the bottom up in the form of a geyser, pouring coffee. Then it also gets into a special flask. As a rule, the volume of a geyser coffee maker is small, and the price is also high.

Carob coffee maker. In this coffee maker, coffee is compressed under pressure (usually 10-15 bar).

Coffee makers can be automatic or semi-automatic. Automatic ones will do everything from grinding grains to filling a cup with water for you, while semi-automatic ones require any additional actions on your part.

Our selection was based on customer reviews and characteristics of coffee makers. The rating includes both models for offices and for home use, including those for a small family.

Which manufacturer is the best?

Melitta coffee machines and coffee makers (Germany) have proven themselves as reliable and high-quality appliances. Basically, the brand produces premium coffee machines, but there are also budget options. The German company Bosch-a specialist in the field of home appliances-is also considered a good manufacturer of coffee makers. Customers prefer its budget models. In addition, the rating includes such well-known manufacturers as Panasonic (Japan), Moulinex (France), Krups (Germany), Saeco (Italy).

Rating of the best coffee makers in 2022

Best Drip Coffee Makers

Bosch TKA 6A683
Opens our rating of the best Bosch TKA 6A683 coffee makers. A drip coffee maker with a capacity of 1.2 kW will prepare a fragrant drink, only ground coffee and water are needed. Coffee needs a medium grind, about 7 grams per cup. The volume of the water tank is 1 liter, the maximum volume of coffee at the outlet is also about a liter. Ready-made coffee can be immediately poured into cups (5-7 pcs), or you can leave it in a jug and top up as needed. The coffee maker has a function for setting the water hardness: depending on the user settings, the device turns on a notification about the necessary flushing with a certain frequency. Washing mode (decalcification) activated by a button. Under the case there are brackets for laying the electric cable: you can leave the length that is necessary. Model dimensions: 35x30x17 cm. German brand, Chinese version, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Drip coffee maker with adjustable coffee strength (Aroma Plus button).Swing-out filter holder: easy to remove for filling with ground coffee.Jug-pot for ready-made coffee – made of stainless steel, double walls keep the drink hot for a long time.Aroma Plus-activates the process of richer coffee by automatically reducing the” dose ” of water.Drop-stop system.Removable transparent water tank: easy to fill, always visible level.Auto-disconnect.Minuses:Purchase of additional consumables: paper filters. The filter can be used twice, just add coffee.Espresso lovers will not be impressed by the taste.Inscriptions on the plastic of the case are quickly erased.
9.2 / 10RATING
The coffee maker works quietly and quickly: a whole jug on Aroma mode was brewed in 5 minutes. If you pull out the pot of ready-made coffee and close the valve on the lid, the temperature of the drink inside remains almost unchanged for up to 5 hours, that is, it works like a thermos: convenient, always ready-made coffee at hand.
Philips HD7457 Daily Collection
Drip coffee maker with sufficient power (1 kW) and volume (1.2 liters), using ground coffee for making. For 1 cycle, you can make 10-15 cups. The filter is permanent, but you can also use one-time filters. There is an anti-drip system, auto-heating, power on and water level indicator. All parts (except for the thermowell) can be washed in the dishwasher. Nice price.Main advantages:Affordable price,Easy operation,Convenient to wash,Auto-heating.Minuses:There is no auto-disconnect,Bad instruction, completely uninformative.
9.1 / 10RATING
Good capacity — if desired, you can fill 15 espresso cups in one sitting. The coffee is very clean (without thickening) and well brewed.
Melitta Optima Glass Timer
A stylish, reliable and easy-to-use drip coffee maker that can become a real godsend for many lovers of a flavorful drink who value their time. After all, one of the main advantages of the model is the ability to program the start of cooking.Optima Timer is available in two colors – white and black. Productivity-from 2 to 8 cups of coffee. The model is equipped with a convenient removable water container and is designed to use paper filters of size 102. The coffee pot is glass, there is a drip protection system, and the heating panel is set to auto-off after 30 minutes by default. If necessary, this number can be increased to 60, 90 or 120.Another important feature of the device is the adjustment for a certain water hardness. There are 4 options available, the choice of which will depend on how often the coffee maker will indicate the need for decalcification. To start the descaling process, there is a special mode that is triggered by the Calc button.Main advantages:High-quality manufacturing;Sufficient power-850 W;Integrated clock and timer.Minuses:There is no reusable filter.
9.1 / 10RATINGReviewsGood quality drip coffee maker. Paper filters were made with different and not necessarily original filters. No complaints about my work. On weekdays, it is convenient to set a timer in the evening so that everything is ready in the morning.
Braun KF 47
The list of the best coffee makers in 2022 should also include the Braun KF 47. This is just a high-quality and reliable drip coffee maker from a serious manufacturer. Not a novelty, but well-tested and proven from the best side. With proper and accurate operation, the absence of serious unplanned fluctuations in the power grid will last a very long time.The ageless classic is available in two colors: black version – KF 47 BK, white version-KF 47 WH. The brewing system is called the beautiful term OptiBrew, but, in principle, it works according to the usual scheme of supplying boiling water to the filter with ground coffee. But the shape of the 10-cup glass flask and the lid configuration are optimal and in some ways unique. So the ennobled AromaCarafe designation has a right to life.Control is limited to a single on/off button with a light indication. There is no programmable timer, but it is nice that there is an up-to-date and useful auto-off function. The coffee maker is made in the Czech Republic. The warranty period is 2 years.Main advantages:Power – 1000 W;Water capacity-1.25 l;Anti-drip protection, heating function;Plastic parts do not contain harmful BPA;Removable elements can be washed in PMM.Minuses:The drink strength selector is missing.;There is no water filter, as in older versions.
9.1 / 10RATING
Honored veteran of our cuisine. I never let you down. Usually we buy disposable filters, but just in case we took a permanent one of the appropriate size. For those who are used to not very hot “Americano” just right.
Beko CFM6350I
Another good model of a drip coffee maker with a capacity of 1 kW for making several cups of aromatic coffee at once. As in other similar devices, coffee is poured into the upper filter of the coffee maker, hot water drips through it (95°C), taking away the taste and aroma, and the finished coffee is collected in the lower coffee pot. Turning the coffee maker on and off is done manually by pressing the button. For maximum flavor, it is not recommended to brew less than 4 cups of coffee at a time. The volume of the water tank is 1 liter, which is exactly the amount of coffee that is obtained. Turkish brand, made in China, warranty-2 years.Main advantages:Eco-friendly glass coffee pot, can be removed from the coffee maker.The stand under the glass coffee pot is heated to maintain the temperature of the coffee.Anti-drip system.Removable, washable filter, no additional consumables needed.Visual indicator of the water level in the tank.Automatic shutdown.Very affordable price.Minuses:There is no adjustment to the strength of the drink.Fixed water tank.Periodic descaling by hand.
9.0 / 10RATING
The coffee maker surprised with a high-quality assembly, even better than that of popular European brands. There are no foreign odors during use. It is really very easy to use, and the finished coffee still retains a pleasant temperature for half an hour. An undeniable plus: a reusable filter that can be simply rinsed.

Best filtration (drip) Coffee Makers with integrated coffee grinder

Kitfort KT-737
For this reason, the drip coffee maker in question can be considered as a kind of collective image of the Chinese OEM.The model attracts with a stylish black and silver design, in working condition it shines pleasantly with an indicator strip. The built-in coffee grinder is accompanied by a transparent container for grains for 120 g, a handle-regulator of the degree of grinding. You can also use ready-made powder. The water tank is removable for 1.25 liters, the same volume of the glass flask.The Kitfort KT-737 is electronically controlled. The rotary knob sets the setting for the number of cups, the buttons are responsible for turning on the cooking process, canceling grinding, and choosing the strength of the drink (2 options).Main advantages:A good power indicator is 1 kW;2-in-1 versatility;Reusable nylon filter, measuring spoon included;Preheating flask platform with automatic shutdown after 35 min.Minuses:In practice, the portion size is not regulated, depending on the amount of water filled in;Missing timer.
9.2 / 10RATINGReviewsStructurally very convenient thing. Dedicated to lovers of traditional custard Americano. In principle, the usual drip coffee maker, but also with a” stuck ” coffee grinder. It is beautifully made, simple and convenient to use. We got what we expected and wanted.
Oursson CM0400G
The 0.9 kW drip coffee maker is equipped with a built-in coffee grinder. During the cycle, the device can brew up to 2-4 cups of coffee, the volume of the coffee pot does not exceed 0.6 liters. The body of the coffee maker is made of high-quality plastic, has no foreign smell. In the upper part of the case there is a double plastic container, one compartment is filled with drinking water, the other, which is a basket with a filter, is filled with grain or ground coffee. The degree of grinding is adjustable, which means that you can prepare coffee that is different in saturation. The strength of the drink can also be changed by manually pouring a slightly larger or slightly smaller amount of coffee, or slightly changing the amount of water. The kit includes a measuring spoon for ground coffee with a brush for cleaning the device. The device is very compact in size, so it does not take up much space on the countertop and will get along in any, even a small kitchen. Swiss brand, made in China, one – year warranty.Main advantages:Drip coffee maker with coffee grinder. You can use both grain and already ground coffee (the grinding function is disabled).Adjustment of the grinding degree.Stainless steel coffee grinder knife.The reusable strainer in the plastic basket can be rinsed.Eco-friendly glass coffee pot for ready-made coffee.Plate under the coffee pot to maintain the temperature of the finished drink.Drop-stop function: You can pour coffee in the middle of the cooking cycle without stopping the coffee maker.Auto-off at the end of the cooking cycle, unplug from the mains when not in use.Several bright case colors to choose from.Relatively low price for a device with a built-in coffee grinder.Minuses:The water level indicator is located on the water container itself, there is no level indicator outside the case.For each cycle, you need to fill up your portion of coffee and after each preparation, empty the basket with the filter.Removable parts are not suitable for washing in the dishwasher, except for the glass coffee pot.Descaling manually.
9.1 / 10RATING
Compact and fairly simple coffee maker, produces aromatic coffee every morning. When using grain coffee, the drink is less strong than when pouring ground coffee, because it fits more. The coffee pot is enough for 2 medium cups of 200 ml.

Best carob coffee makers-espresso for home

De’Longhi ECP 33.21
The best carob coffee maker in our rating is De’Longhi ECP 33.21. A good-quality model from a famous brand that hails from the Apennines, belonging to the popular price range of 10,000 rubles, plus or minus a little. According to the already established tradition, it is made not in Europe, but in the vast expanses of China, but this is still not a banal OEM for marking with a particular logo, but real branded products.The model is designed to work with ground raw materials or portioned chalds, for which there are 3 types of filters per holder: for one, two cups, E. S. E. Drinks are prepared with the correct pressure of 15 bar. Getting a dense milk foam is designed to provide a manual cappuccino machine with a metal panarello nozzle. It also acts as a source of hot water for tea.Extremely convenient thing – a double removable tray for drops, allowing you to place even high – up to 13 cm-mugs, glasses. The body of the coffee maker is decorated with a combination of metal and high-quality plastic in black, white or red, depending on the version in question.Main advantages:Water filling tank – 1 l;Power consumption-1050 W;Possibility to cook 2 cups at once;Electronic automatic shutdown system;Long warranty period – 24 months.Minuses:A tight (at least at first) horn that requires careful handling;Simple plastic temper.
9.5 / 10RATING
Espresso turns out cool, flavorful. Cappuccino or other milk-containing types of coffee are available if desired and with certain skills. I managed to get used to the cappuccino machine, though not immediately. The pan vibrates slightly during cooking – not critical.
Gaggia Viva Style
Excellent coffee maker for semi-automatic espresso making from a well-known Italian brand. The Viva Style case is made of high-quality and durable ABS plastic in a classic black color, but there is also a slightly more extravagant cream version of the model.The coffee maker is compact, has a stylish design, and the optimal pressure (15 bar) and the properties of the new sealed filter holder contribute to the perfect taste of true espresso, as well as the formation of a persistent and dense foam “cream”. The classic cappuccino machine, or as the barista calls it “panarello”, is capable of confidently whipping up milk foam for a delicious cappuccino or latte macchiato in a matter of seconds.The coffee maker kit includes two types of filters – for ground coffee and for portioned coffee in chalds. On top of the case is a convenient stand for placing coffee cups.Main advantages:Excellent quality and price ratio;Attractive design;Excellent properties of ready-made coffee.Minuses:To get a lush milk foam requires a certain skill.
9.4 / 10RATING
Very good coffee maker. After a little “stuffed my hand” and figured out the dosage and proper tempering of ground coffee, the result exceeded all expectations. I like the taste of espresso more than from coffee machines in bars.
Garlyn L70
Another company decided to please the domestic consumer with a Chinese-made OEM coffee maker. Well, the Garlyn brand is quite young, so it seems that it is not yet easy to order something with questionable quality under its logo. Well, then time will tell.The design of the model is pleasant-a combination of plastic and metal. In terms of characteristics, everything looks quite good: power-1450 W, boiler heating system (hot coffee at the outlet), pump pressure-optimal 15 bar, autocapuchinator. The water tank is transparent removable 1.4 l. For the horn, a pair of larger and smaller filters is provided at once.Control – electronic push-button. With a single tap, you can choose to make a standard or double espresso, cappuccino, or latte. Moreover, the size of the portion of coffee and foamed milk is programmed by holding the corresponding key until the desired result is achieved (within the established limits).Main advantages:The design uses a high-quality Italian pump;It is possible to use cups up to 11 cm high, for small ones there is a folding stand;Double-sided accessory measuring spoon-temper included;The standard warranty can be extended (for 1+1 year) by registering on the off-site for 3 months after purchase.Minuses:There are restrictions for configuring portions;Slightly inflated price tag;An automatic cappuccino machine is often a short-lived thing.
9.3 / 10RATING
liked it in my work. I love cappuccino for a long time and loyally, but I didn’t manage to make friends with panarello on an old coffee maker. She moved to her parents, and we have this model at home. Here’s the order now. From now on, my favorite drink is on the morning menu, and the latte has already been tasted.

Best Geyser Coffee Makers

De’Longhi Alicia EMKM 6
A compact and effective solution for coffee lovers who are not the most demanding of recipe delights. However, the drink prepared by the geyser method has its own loyal army of fans. After all, many people like a cross between a strong, flavorful espresso and a somewhat more “prosaic” Americano.The coffee maker in question is good because it is a product from De’Longhi. The case is made of plastic and metal. The color scheme is classic silver. The jug can be easily rotated 360°on the stand. The volume of a 350 ml cup is enough to make about 6-9 cups of coffee. Well, or a couple of normal proletarian circles.The heater power is 450 watts. A single on/off button is responsible for control. A nice bonus is the function of 30-minute temperature maintenance. Then the automatic shutdown system is triggered.Main advantages:Compactness (as an option, mobility for trips to the country, on business trips);Light weight – about 1 kg;An official 2-year manufacturer’s warranty is supported.Minuses:Slightly inflated price tag (apparently, for the brand, but after all, the assembly is in China);The case is heated.
9.1 / 10RATING
There was once a Soviet geyser coffee maker for use on the stove. But where is she now? I liked the taste of coffee, so I bought an electric replacement from a good manufacturer. I didn’t let you down. Everything is as expected.
Rommelsbacher EKO 364/E
Rounding out our top of the best coffee makers is a cute geyser-type coffee maker for quick and easy preparation of an espresso-style drink based on ground coffee. The case is completely made of high-quality stainless steel, equipped with a convenient (open) thermally insulated handle. The volume of the jug is 250 ml, which is enough to make 2-4 cups.The design uses a hidden heating element (power-365 W), and the system of protection against overheating and boiling is responsible for safety. Traditionally, this type of device has an automatic shutdown function.Additionally, you can note the presence of a safety valve, the illumination of the on/off button. There is a place for cable winding.Main advantages:Simple and convenient design;High-quality materials;Stylish design.Minuses:It’s not very convenient to wash the jug.
9.0 / 10RATING
The coffee maker is made very well. The top bowl can be easily unscrewed from the base. Completely made of stainless steel, which is quite good. The quality of the drink when using good coffee varieties is completely satisfactory.

Which coffee maker is best to buy?

Choosing the best coffee machine or coffee maker depends on your tastes and needs-and how sophisticated a coffee connoisseur you are. So, if some coffee gourmets believe that buying a good coffee maker for less than $ 2000 is problematic , then many coffee lovers are quite happy with inexpensive. Our rating of the best coffee makers (as, indeed, all ratings) is quite subjective and will most likely be of interest to coffee lovers who appreciate an amazing drink and are not ready for big expenses.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to find exactly the coffee maker that will become indispensable for you in the early morning at home or in the office. Happy shopping!



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