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The quietest air conditioners of 2022 are presented in our rating. We all need to rest. Mother nature or other higher forces give us this opportunity on a nightly basis, someone on a daily basis. And after all, not so much is needed for a person to restore strength, vital energy-just a good night’s sleep. It’s a pity it doesn’t always work out.

Some kind of fascinating trip to the “kingdom of Morpheus”, when the summer heat is in the yard, the heat in the bedroom is unbearable, and the poor Chinese fan is stupidly chasing the hot air with the last of its strength? It also creaks and crackles, making it difficult to “count sheep” or any other conditional animal.

There is only one way out: to create the most comfortable microclimate in the bedroom for a healthy and trouble-free sleep, you will have to buy an air conditioner. More precisely, a two – component version of it- a good quality split system. 

What qualities should a split system have for a bedroom?

Given the location, it is worth highlighting a couple of priority characteristics, which will largely depend on whether the climate device will completely suit the owners or not?

Low noise level. This parameter is more relevant for the indoor unit. Ideal indicators for night mode are considered to be 19-20 dB, average 21-22, normal 23-24. In general, it would also be nice for an external unit to differ in moderation of the compressor hum, but much also depends on the thickness of the walls, double-glazed windows, the installation location, and the qualifications of installers.

Availability of inverter technology. It should be clarified right away: in this rating, we will only consider models with its support. And it’s not just that they are quieter, more economical. More important is the ability to keep the temperature evenly. By the way, most people who claim to have caught a cold under the air conditioner have a normal, non-inverter, on/off system at home. Of course, no one will forbid the end user to choose one, among them there are quite quiet ones, but after all, health is more expensive than money.

Rating of the quietest air conditioners in 2022

Best Low-cost Quiet inverter split systems for the Bedroom

Ballu BSYI-07HN8/ES
Our review of the quietest split systems for the bedroom opens with a cute inexpensive wall-mounted air conditioner of a popular brand. Ballu is not a direct manufacturer of split systems, preferring to order OEM from different production sites. To the credit of the brand, the production of branded products is strictly entrusted to leading and well-established enterprises from the Middle Kingdom. In this case, to the Midea factory.The specific model of the Eco Smart series is designed for rooms up to 20 m2 in size. It looks stylish, easy to manage and convenient. Supports remote control over Wi-Fi, however, for this you will have to fork out for an optional module. Inverter technology contributes to high energy efficiency, low noise-from 22 dB.There are several modes of operation: cooling, heating (at the “outboard” minimum to -15°C), dehumidification, ventilation, AUTO. Comfort Functions: iFeel, Sleep, Turbo, Breeze Away, 24-hour Timer on / Off. Pleasant, and not such a trifle, air flow control is carried out in 4 directions. The company’s warranty period is 3 years.Main advantages:Solid build, sleek design with moon display;High quality GMCC-Toshiba inverter compressor;New generation refrigerant R32 (more efficient, safer for the environment, in contrast to R410A partial refueling is possible);Anticorrosive Gold Fin coating of the heat exchanger, starting at low voltage 120 V;Neat remote control with backlight, temperature control with an accuracy of 0.5°C.Minuses:Basic set of filters;Not the quietest external unit – 52 dB.
9.3 / 10RATING
Normal inverter split both in terms of appearance and efficiency. In Sleep mode, there is almost no noise, in standard mode, you can hear the operation of the remote unit. During the day, it doesn’t really bother you. The fan has as many as 4 speeds + Auto (in my opinion, this is just the maximum).
Airwell HDD007-N11/YHDD007-H11
Beautiful air conditioner like a French brand. Not a problem, because a serious Gree company is engaged in direct manufacturing.The model of the HDD Inverter series is economical, keeps the set temperature fairly evenly and, which is extremely important in the bedroom, works quietly-noise (min.) from the indoor unit 24, from the external unit – 49 dB. What can he do? Of course, to cool, warm up rooms with an area of up to 20 m2 (even at -15°C outside the window), work on dehumidification or in the format of a conventional fan.Auxiliary functions: Timer on / off./ off, Turbo and Night modes, iFeel (tracking and adjusting the temperature at the location of the remote control). The air purification system is implemented in the form of a pair of traditional grids, supplemented with deodorizing carbon and antibacterial Ag+ filters.Main advantages:Attractive design with a white glossy front panel, transparent through the plastic Moon display;Functions of soft start, intelligent defrosting of the external unit, self-diagnosis, autorestart;Availability of economical heating mode 8°C;Optional Wi-Fi module support;Large 36-month warranty.Minuses:Nebulous origin of the brand;Manual control of the direction of the side shutters of the blinds;Lack of a plasma filter.
9.2 / 10RATING
I believe that I did not lose out with the purchase of this particular split. Relatively inexpensive, looks stylish, plastic quality, manufacturing at a high level. It works very quietly, in night mode there is barely an audible rustle of air at all. It suits you 100%.
On the one hand, a typical OEM of Chinese production (these negotsii have long become familiar), on the other-what’s the problem with that, since the air conditioner was made at perhaps the best Gree plant in China and is equipped with a highly efficient G10 inverter compressor?For bedrooms, the considered” seven ” Genesis series is optimal due to the low noise level – 24-40 dB for the internal and 49 for the external units. The temperature is maintained evenly without obvious differences typical of conventional on/off split systems. The capacity for heat / cold is 2.2 / 2.3 kW, which implies maintenance of rooms with an area of no more than 20 m2.Functionality is standard by modern standards. Basic modes: cooling, heating (supported and economical with maintaining 8°C), ventilation, dehumidification, AUTO. Additional functions: iFeel (temperature sensor in the remote control), timer on./off, Turbo, Sleep.Main advantages:Attractive design with hidden LED display;Possibility of retrofitting with a Wi-Fi module (it is better to check the slot availability before buying or check with the seller);Operation for heating at outside temperatures up to -15°C;Inverter technology, low power consumption in class A++;Long-lasting 36-month warranty.Minuses:Manual adjustment of horizontal blinds;Antibacterial filters-consumables, no cold plasma generator.
9.1 / 10RATINGReviewsJust a good, solidly made of high-quality plastic inexpensive split. Basically, the inverter was chosen, because it was needed in the bedroom. It works fine, not loud. The controls are clear and there are enough functions.

The quietest inverter-type split systems in the average price range

General ASHG07KMCC
Our rating of the quietest air conditioners continues with a real “Japanese”, even if it is produced not on the islands washed by the Pacific Ocean, but on the territory of mainland China. Manufactured at the company enterprise of the Fujitsu General Ltd. concern, therefore a similar split system can be found under a different name (the first in the name of the joint company).The Standart series model belongs to the middle class. The build quality, materials, and components are excellent. The indoor unit attracts by its premium beautiful and concise design. In addition, it is very quiet-min. the noise level is only 20 dB. The fan is driven by a DC electric motor.The split system runs on eco-friendly R32 refrigerant. Cooling capacity – 2 kW, heating – 2.5. In addition to the main modes, there are automatic, dehumidification, ventilation. For air purification are responsible: conventional mesh, apple-catechin and ion-deodorizing filters.Main advantages:Energy efficiency by SEER/SCOP-A++/A+;High-efficiency 2-rotor compressor with inverter control;4-speed fan, On/Off/Sleep timer, auto-restart in case of power outage, external unit noise reduction mode;Operating temperature range in summer from -10 to 46°C, in the off-season when working on heating – from -15 to 24°C;A decent corporate warranty period is 5 years.Minuses:Antivirus filters, Wi-Fi module-optional.Models in the product line:General Eco ASHG07KPCA – a more affordable model of the Eco Range series, minimum noise of 22 dB, 2 timers (on and off), only standard strainers includedGeneral ASHG07KETA (ASHG07KETA-In silver) – seven Designer series with a unique texture panel (the shade changes depending on the lighting), noise level (min.) 20 dB, 5 timers, quiet mode for the outdoor unit, apple-catechin and ion-deodorizing filters.
9.7 / 10RATING
Luxury split for your own money. They put it in the bedroom – it even seems to decorate it with itself. It works almost silently. We often use night mode in the summer, so it’s really comfortable to fall asleep. We are happy with everything, we will not get enough of it.
Hitachi RAK-18PEC / RAC-18WEC
A popular and quiet split system from a Japanese brand. Not a bad option for a discerning consumer, but not yet ready to take a swing at a completely premium one. Assembly is carried out in the PRC, which does not “spoil”the device at all. And who will be surprised now by the presence of a well-known company with a production base in those parts?The model is a” junior ” representative of the Eco Comfort series. The number 18 in the name should not be misleading. No super-duper power, productivity in kW-2 for cold, 2.5 for heat. That is, the fate of a split system is the maintenance of small rooms up to 20 m2. For example, bedrooms. Moreover, the compressor is an inverter, the sound pressure of the indoor unit is from 20 dB (A).Current functions available from the remote control: Eso and Powerful (choice between economy or high-performance modes), standby heating 10°C, 12-hour timer. R410A refrigerant flows in the” veins ” (tubes) of the air conditioner. A Hitachi RAK-18PED model of the same series with R32 is on the way.Main advantages:Truly high-quality performance, nice design;Seasonal energy efficiency class according to SEER / SCOP – A+/A;Low-noise operation for both units;Heating efficiency at low outside temperatures (up to -15°C);Full 3-year warranty.Minuses:Vertical adjustment of blinds only;Wi-Fi control is not supported.
9.6 / 10RATINGReviewsGreat condo. Hitachi is a Hitachi. Made with high quality, cool-heats great, all the necessary operating modes. What is especially nice is that the split works almost silently. I do not regret that I chose this particular model, and not some cheap”Chinese”.
Another Japanese manufacturer noted the split system, which is very well able to prove itself in the dark, because, firstly, the inverter, and secondly, very quiet-the sound pressure of the indoor unit in night (silent) mode is only 19 dB (A). Yes, and the external part of the air conditioner makes a little noise-46/48 dB.The design is not bad – strict, concise. The front panel is washable. The performance of the device is expected from the “seven” 2/2.5 kW. Just what you need for small domestic spaces up to 20 m2. With all the classic operating modes: cooling, heating (even at -15°C outside), ventilation, dehumidification. Auxiliary functions: Eco, hiPower, Silent (outdoor unit noise reduction mode), timer for switching off, memorizing settings.The split system is manufactured at the Toshiba branded factory in Thailand. The compressor brand is your own. The established warranty period is 36 months.Main advantages:Seasonal energy efficiency class-A++;Ultra-low noise at minimum mode (no wonder the series is called Seiya, which translates as “silent night”);Inverter compressor, modern eco-friendly R32 refrigerant;Always-clean heat exchanger technology (special coating + washing dirt from the surface with water-condensate);5 fixed positions of vertical blinds.Minuses:No “thin” air filters included;Wi-Fi control is unavailable.
9.5 / 10RATING
For the bedroom – the most it. Almost silent at low settings, only a very weak “whisper” of outgoing air. And then you need to listen. We have already tested the split system in both cooling and heating modes. Everything is fine.
LG Eco Smart PC-07SQR
In addition to Japanese brands in the average price category, the South Korean brand has joined the company. And after all, on business. Split system manufacturer LG looks great, functionally advanced, high-tech. What is not a worthy competitor to the recognized grandees from the “Land of the Rising Sun”?The model is recommended for working on areas of no more than 20 m2. Using a Dual Inverter compressor allows you to significantly save electricity, quickly cool the room, and reduce the noise level – a minimum value of 22 dB. Working gas – new R32.With functions, everything is interesting. On the one hand, the main modes are predictably standard: cooling, Heating, Auto, dehumidification, ventilation. On the other hand, Jet Cool (Turbo) is supported, vertical and horizontal shutters are automatic, there is a built-in Wi-Fi interface, voice control (if you have a Smart device with Alice).Main advantages:Stylish minimalistic design with a hidden display on the panel;High seasonal energy efficiency – A++/A+;Monitoring and control of energy consumption, Smart diagnostics;Possibility of operation in winter at temperatures up to -10°C, Gold Fin heat exchanger coating;10-year warranty on the compressor, total-1 year + 24 months of free service.Minuses:Questionable antibacterial properties of the EZ filter;Not so quiet operation in heating mode-from 28 dB.
9.4 / 10RATING
I took it last year in 2020, when this split was a novelty. I showed myself very well, but I had to work really hard. It’s cool that there is control from a smartphone-convenient. Alice obeys. In general, no complaints or regrets about the purchase.

The best quiet premium split systems, ideal for bedroom installations

Mitsubishi Electric MSZ-LN25VG / MUZ-LN25VG
Elegant quiet split system from a famous Japanese company. Not a novelty, the Premium Inverter MSZ-LN series was announced back in 2017, which does not prevent it from remaining the flagship to this day. The design of the indoor unit is exquisitely unique and original. Consumers can choose from 4 color options: mother-of-pearl white, natural white, ruby red, and onyx black.The model capacity is 2.5 / 3.2 kW (up to 25 m2). That is, something in between a 7-coy and a 9-coy. The compressor is inverter, freon type-R32. Good night to the owners of the air conditioner you can not even wish, comfort is already provided: almost silent operation-19 dB at night minimum, the 3D I-SEE sensor will take the cold “wind” away from the sleeping owners (it will not blow).To keep the air clean and fresh, the design provides a Plasma Quad Plus filter, which will get rid of allergens, bacteria and viruses, detain fine particles of PM2. 5. And, tellingly, does not require replacement.Main advantages:Excellent quality of execution, design;Separate control of louver flaps to optimize air flow distribution;Built-in default Wi-Fi module;Weekly timer, “standby economical heating 10°C” mode,Dual Barrier Coating technology and unique coating to protect against dirt, mildew, and unpleasant odors.Minuses:Very expensive pleasure.
10 / 10RATING
Premium in its purest form. The design solution at first glance is quite peculiar, but upon further consideration – very cool! Maximum possible functionality. You can’t hear much of the split’s operation anyway, and it’s very quiet in silent mode.
Daikin FTXM20R / RXM20R
Daikin premium split systems have long been considered a kind of benchmark for the highest quality, reliability, efficiency, and manufacturability. “Seven “with a capacity of 2.0 / 2.5 kW (just right for the bedroom) from the new FTXM-R Perfera series is another confirmation of this.In the asset: simple, but very stylish in its minimalism design, inverter technology, super quiet indoor unit with a minimum noise level of 19 dB, energy efficiency class A+++/A+++. The main operating modes are: heat, cold, automatic, fan only, software dehumidification. The operating gas in the system is R32.Additional functions: performance enhancement, outdoor unit volume reduction, Weekly and on/off timer, Eco. Something for comfort: 2-zone sensor intelligent eye-tracks the presence of people, diverts the air flow from them, if there is no one, switches the air conditioner to power saving mode.Main advantages:Advanced air filter system-basic with anti-mold coating, Flash Streamer fast electron generator (destroys formaldehydes, eliminates bad odors), photocatalytic titanium-apatite (neutralizes bacteria, viruses, microbes);”No one home” function, self-diagnosis, warm start;Volumetric air flow, vertically and horizontally controlled shutters;Support for network control, wired remote control;European production-Czech Republic, 3 years warranty.Minuses:Very high price.
9.9 / 10RATING
Perfect split for a bedroom. In it and bought. It won’t blow, it works very quietly (it doesn’t wake you up in the middle of the night). The air really became much cleaner, it is comfortable to be in the room. The price tag, of course, bites cleaner than the neighbor’s pit bull, but the quality is worth it.
Panasonic CS/CU-Z20TKEW
Completing our review of the quietest bedroom air conditioners is the high-tech 7-ka from a famous Japanese brand. Very expensive. Although, as you can see. If you compare the price tag with requests for premium models from some other well-known “Japanese”, it no longer seems quite exorbitant. According to the characteristics of the same Panasonic Etherea is not much inferior to anyone.The indoor unit looks nice and solid. Available in white and silver cases. For the bedroom, it is ideal not only for this reason, but also for its quietness: sound pressure (min.) – 19 dB (A). The air conditioner is equipped with the Econavi system with sensors of human activity, sunlight. This ensures the most comfortable microclimate with a minimum of energy consumption.The unique nanoe™ cleaning technology, characterized by 99% efficiency in neutralizing pathogenic bacteria, viruses (as it is relevant in our time), allergens, and mold, allows you to breathe clean air in your sleep.Main advantages:Excellent seasonal energy efficiency – A+++/A+++;Aerowi Air Flow Direction Monitoring Technology PGS;High-end and quiet (45/46 dB) rotary compressor R2 Inverter+;R32 refrigerant, can be installed on old freon lines under R410A, R22;Production-Malaysia, general warranty for the device – 3 years, for the compressor-5 years.Minuses:There is no built-in Wi-Fi module (optional).
9.8 / 10RATING
Very cool split system. The functions are cool, absolutely not noisy, cool and warm with a bang. Cleaning up some tricky stuff. Not filtering the air passed through the air conditioner, but removing nasty things throughout the room. It seems easier to breathe, although maybe autosuggestion.

Choosing an air conditioner for your bedroom: what can I say in conclusion?

It is necessary, perhaps, to understand a little with the manufacturers of air conditioners, or rather with the brands that have recently divorced a great many. However, about everything in order.

No ambiguity should arise in relation to leading companies from Japan. Such as Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Panasonic, Fujitsu / General, Hitachi, Toshiba. They are, as before, on horseback, remain trendsetters in the field of production of climate technology. Unless the “native” assembly is practically not found anymore. Grandees of factories were built in Malaysia, Thailand, and China. And let them. Where can we get away from globalization? The main thing is that everything is relatively smooth with quality.

In the budget segment, the situation is much more complicated. And those already come up with beautiful names, legends about the supposedly European, Australian or any other origin of the brand. Or they simply buy the right to use a well-known brand locally.

In general, it does not matter if products are manufactured at a serious enterprise (usually the name and / or address is indicated on the box). The most reputable OEM manufacturer is Gree, followed by Midea, Hisense, AUX, and TCL.

That’s all. Enjoy your dreams in a comfortable environment!



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